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November 11th.

Every year, we set aside a day to honor our veterans.

But these men and women didn’t join for the recognition.

They joined with the knowledge that there was a big chance that they could die serving, leaving their families and everything they knew behind, and they did it anyway. They joined knowing should they make it back home, it wouldn’t be without having lost their companions in arms.

For some veterans, this day comes, and it is a day of remembrance of those friends they came to know that they fought alongside and lost. To others, this day comes around, and it’s a reflection of the struggles they faced because of the mental battles that followed after they served which caused their lives to be changed so drastically.

In the year of 2020, the men and women who have lived through so much have been faced with more struggles.

COVID-19, the protests because of racial inequality and the ever-so-controversial election, as well as the problems that follow each. Nevertheless, no matter your stance or mine on the situations America is facing currently, veterans fought so we could have our say, vote and safely share our opinions.

However, one thing they didn’t fight for was that we would be so divided .

When we say our “Pledge Of Allegiance,” we go through and we never take a real look at what we are saying and deciphering what the words mean to us as individual Americans — and we seldom notice the key words “and justice for all.” To veterans, justice for all means fighting for everyone in America.

Veterans gave up so much to fight for every single person.

They didn’t care who they were.

They were willing to sacrifice everything.

Ask yourself: Are you worthy of someone else sacrificing their life for you? When I sat back and asked myself this question, I couldn’t say yes on my own behalf. This is the reason why I appreciate veterans. Once upon a time, these selfless men and women enlisted, and when they said the words “and justice for all,” they meant it. Oftentimes problems come about which affect the vast majority of citizens, and this has been especially relevant in the year 2020.

This year, our country has seen great division. However, let’s take today to come together and thank these selfless men and women who deserve their day of recognition and take the time to really pay attention to the words, “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

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