- ‘Ahead of time’

Construction at the east-end entrance to Seymour High School rapidly has progressed this month.

Even to the most-casual observer, progress on a variety of building projects and improvements at the Seymour R-II School District are apparent.

Currently under way is the construction of a new entrance, lobby, offices and bathrooms on the east end of the Seymour High School building — a project with a total price tag of just over $1 million.

“That’s the largest thing we’ve got going,” Superintendent Steve Richards said Monday afternoon. “I know that since the end of the school year, it’s looked like a demolition, because in many ways that’s what was occurring.

“But instead of being in a tear-down phase, now we’re in the build-up phase. Progress is evident. It’s taking shape.” Richards said per the construction contract, the project’s completion date is Jan. 1, 2022, roughly five months away.

“I feel we’re a little ahead of time,” he noted.

“And I’m optimistic that it will stay that way and that we can have that project completed before the end of the year.”

However, the large-scale work at the east end of the high school isn’t the only project under way on the local school’s campus.

Upgrades are ongoing at the baseball and softball fields.

“One thing that the (school) board and I have resolved to do is to try to do something every year to improve our district’s facilities,” Richards said.

One of those improvements includes the aforementioned fields.

“We’re pouring concrete pads as the foundation for our bleachers at both fields, and we’re also pouring (concrete for) open areas at each field for people who watch the games in lawn chairs,” Richards said.

All of the concrete will be ready for the upcoming fall baseball and softball seasons.

In addition, Richards said new scoreboards are being installed at the softball field.

“Those are coming any day,” he said. “I expect to see them up and ready to go this week.”

Another improvement is planned this summer at the elementary parking lot.

“We’re paving the west end of the current parking lot that is adjacent to the Seymour YMCA,” Richards said. “The new pavement will end adjacent to the east end of the YMCA.”

That project is slated for completion in August.

Richards said that less than two weeks from now on Tuesday, Aug. 10, offices at the school’s three buildings — elementary, middle and high schools — will be open as the upcoming coming 2021-22 school year begins on Tuesday, Aug. 24.

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