- R-II at 10 missed days

Inclement weather has taken its toll on the calendar for the Seymour R-II School District.

Entering this week, the local school had missed its previous nine days of scheduled classes, with the 10th day over that time span, which was last Monday, Feb. 15, being the Presidents’ Day holiday.

In total, Superintendent Steve Richards said Monday that the district has missed 10 days during the current 2020-21 school year because of bad weather. All of those missed days have occurred this month.

“Mother Nature didn’t hit until late this winter, but she really hit us hard,” he said.

“It was nice to get our children and staff back in school today (Monday) after essentially being out of school for the past two weeks.”

Despite the missed days over the past two weeks, Richards said that only two days of classes have been added to the end of this year’s school calendar.

“The state’s tally (of attendance requirements) now is based on the number of hours a student is in school or the number of hours missed,” he explained.

“And we had 42 extra hours built into this year’s school calendar.”

As of now, Richards said the final day of classes for the school is Thursday, May 20.

The previous final day was Tuesday, May 18.

“If we miss any more days, we’ll just add them on to the end (of the school calendar), but the most we will add on is two days,” Richards said.

“So, even in a worst-case scenario, we won’t add on any more days than two.”

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