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Editor, Webster County Citizen:

Your headline on Sept. 1 read, “Train vs. truck: MFA feed truck struck by train Thursday afternoon on Box School Loop, two miles west of Seymour.”

Then the story said, “The crash occurred when the driver (of the feed truck) failed to yield to (the BNSF locomotive) and traveled onto the railroad tracks past the railroad signs,” quoting the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Please remove this jury tampering “failed to yield” police statement on an OPEN investigation.

Failed to yield if the truck was hung up on the “Third World” looking-too-narrow, humped, no-signals railroad crossing?

Failed to yield if the driver had medical problems?

Failed to yield if the vehicle had mechanical problems?

Failed to yield if the train was speeding?

Failed to yield if the train horn had a cork in it?

Failed to yield if the train brakes sucked?

Failed to yield if the sight lines weren’t good for the train speed allowed?

Failed to yield because the train was missing emergency light bars which would be a given?

Or is the story FAILED TO YIELD because the crossing gates that were to be put in since at least 2007 have never been installed with like $1 MILLION missing out of the state transportation improvement budget for the phantom gates for years?

I’ll ask your readers to just Google the crossing number “667652N” or put a gap “667 652N,” which the state inserts for the hidey effect.

Robert Pines, Sullivan

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