Dan Wehmer - Publisher's Pen

Dan Wehmer - Publisher's Pen

Clueless Joe More than a century ago, in 1920 to be exact, one of professional baseball’s greatest players, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, was given a lifetime ban from the sport at its highest level, as Jackson was implicated in the infamous “Black Sox” gambling scandal of 1919 when his Chicago White Sox allegedly threw the World Series.

Fast forward to 2021.

Our newest scandal involves a new Joe.

Let’s call him “Clueless” Joe Biden.

Yes, he’s our President.

Clueless Joe arguably sabotaged U.S. foreign policy for decades via his withdrawal of American military forces from Afghanistan without a plan to prevent terrorist Taliban forces from retaking that nation within a few weeks of their removal.

Sets quite an example to the rest of the world when the flagship of world freedom and democracy literally abandons an entire nation that the U.S. spent two full decades protecting, doesn’t it?

To answer his critics in a press conference on Monday, Biden simply read a teleprompter for 20 minutes, refused to take any questions from a national press corps that collectively has his photograph draped on its bedroom walls and didn’t offer any explanation for how his administration has created the worst foreign-policy disaster for America in at least two generations.

Call it Saigon on steroids.

Contra combusted.

America’s gift to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro at the “Bay Of Pigs” seems a minor occurrence when compared to this potential dumpster fire.

Because the fact is, within five years, the Taliban will be committing terrorist acts throughout the free world, using Afghanistan as its home base, likely using American technology left behind when U.S. troops left unprepared locals in charge to face the world’s strongest clan of human-rights violators.

The U.S. will be the Taliban’s top target.

While many in the mainstream media may praise Biden’s actions in withdrawing our military from foreign soil, Americans with a functional brain will see the truth in his ill-fated decision.

Terrorists will see America and its military as both dysfunctional and weak, as well as indecisive and pandering to those who actually think you can negotiate with extremists.

Worked well with Adolf Hitler, didn’t it?

After his press conference, Biden retreated back to his vacation, perhaps to be taken to a basement for rest before his next television script is read.

Clueless Joe leads us.

The new front man of the free world.

God help us.

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