Dan Wehmer - Publisher's Pen

Dan Wehmer - Publisher's Pen

Joe Biden.

Barack Obama.

Elizabeth Warren.

What do all three have in common?

If you said all three are career liberal bureaucrats, you would be correct.

And if you said all three have endorsed Nicole Galloway for Missouri governor, you also would be correct.

Their respective endorsements are predictable.

And if elected, Galloway’s administration as our state’s top executive official also would be predictable.

Her regime would be one that expands government and attempts to turn our state government’s executive branch into a dictatorship.

Two years ago, we predicted her filing as a candidate for governor.

Her Missouri State Auditor’s Office had just completed an audit of the city of Seymour. The team she sent to town was incompetent.

The problems that did exist were missed.

Issues that were identified were petty, as her office’s “smoking gun” was an alderman asking city workers to mow an elderly resident’s ditch.

The goal was to stamp the word “poor” on our city’s audit.

Galloway needed victims for her political parade; after all, she needed to tout herself as a reformer.

Fact is, she’s anything but a reformer.

Galloway is the ultimate insider.

That’s evident by the company — and political endorsements — she receives. And that company doesn’t represent Missouri. Republicans hold every elected statewide office except one, Galloway’s.

Initially, she was appointed to the office by outgoing Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon. She won her current term of office by barely defeating an incompetent opponent who won the GOP primary in a fluke.

She’s used the power of her office to run a clandestine political-consulting firm. Independent reports show she now comes to work about as often as a member organized crime who’s been given a union job.

Her opponent is Republican Gov. Mike Parson, whose political career began when he was elected as nearby Polk County’s sheriff. His law-enforcement career began as a minimum-wage county deputy. His professional career includes several steps, including pumping gas at a small filling station four decades ago.

Parson doesn’t want to raise taxes.

Galloway does.

Parson doesn’t want to expand Medicaid in Missouri.

Galloway does.

Parson wants for rural Missouri to be represented fairly when the state’s districts for the Missouri House of Representatives and Missouri Senate are redrawn before the 2022 elections.

Galloway doesn’t.

As a reminder, you live in rural Missouri. Seymour is rural. Southern Webster County is rural. And to Galloway, rural Missouri serves a purpose. It’s the staging ground for her political witch hunts, as her office has terrorized small towns and rural counties while giving free passes to corrupt clusters like the cities of Kansas City (where she’s endorsed by Mayor Quinton Lucas) and St. Louis (where the prosecutor files charges against residents trying to protect themselves from violent Black Lives Matter rioters).

Galloway also has that endorsement.

In our eyes, Galloway is the mirror image of the senator whose endorsement she carries. If you identify with that mindset, vote for her.

But if you don’t, cast your ballot for Parson.

Is he the perfect governor?

No. There isn’t such a thing.

However, Parson is a good governor. He’s getting better every day. He believes in free enterprise and small government. Compared to Galloway, Parson is the easy choice. He’s risen the ranks from the state legislature to the governor’s office.

Parson has earned a full, four-year term as our governor.

Cast your ballot for him next Tuesday.

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