Dan Wehmer - Publisher's Pen

Dan Wehmer - Publisher's Pen

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden emerged from his bunker last week and make an appearance in Pennsylvania, likely hoping to stem to momentum gained by his opponent, Republican incumbent Donald Trump, in the wake of both parties’ presidential conventions.

Biden, the former vice president and longtime senator from Delaware, was on the warpath. Instead of offering any meaningful analysis about his plans for the national economy, combating widespread rioting in the cities, curbing domestic terrorism disguised under the names of Antifa and Black Lives Matter or anything else requiring thought, Biden instead hurled scripted insults at Trump by the truckload.

One of Biden’s observations hit a nerve.

He spoke about the federal Payroll Protection Program, commonly known by its acronym of PPP.

Per Joe, the PPP money didn’t make it to small towns.

Per Joe, the PPP money didn’t help small businesses.

Per Joe, because the PPP money didn’t reach small businesses, many small businesses have gone broke.

Folks, Joe Biden is a liar.

We’ll let local statistics tell the story.

When national and state shutdowns, as well as a stagnant economy, were choking America near the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, PPP money was heavily flowing into small towns.

Including ours.

At The Seymour Bank, a home-owned lender serving our community since the Great Depression, a total of 88 PPP loans were approved, totaling $1.9 million. That money covered the entire payroll at the aforementioned businesses for two full months, impacting 414 employees. Fifty-two of those loans were made to businesses with a Seymour address.

Simply stated, PPP money came to our small town. Furthermore, PPP money went to many small towns across the United States.

Plenty of it.

That PPP money kept many businesses afloat.

That PPP money kept many people employed.

But Joe Biden says that money didn’t make it to small-town America.

He needs to get out of his bunker more often.

And start telling the truth.

It’s evident he’s clueless when it comes to small towns.

Or the day of the week without being told.

Biden repeatedly calls Trump a liar.

In this instance, the evidence shows the opposite to be true.

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