- ‘PhoToad’

Yes, I’m a bit hacked off with the city of Seymour.

That doggone City Administrator Hillary Gintz went to the county’s tax sale on Monday and purchased the Anderson Street Apartments for the three years of taxes owed against the property.

That totally ruined my plans for this real-estate gem.

I was wanting to buy this beauty to open a “fly bar,” as my research showed there are flies galore at this disgusting property, especially with the fecal gifts left on the floors by homeless visitors.

Entrepreneurs like me never get any breaks!

This place was perfect for my plans!

Now the city is going to go in and tear down this eyesore, beautifying the community.

I was wanting to join the ranks of local slumlords in a business capacity.

Had my plans not fallen through, I’d have done what most of these types do — give nothing back to the community and count my money!

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