- Fred Spriggs

I must be psychic.

How else can we account for my Oct. 21 column prediction that Democrats would use “cheat by mail” in Democrat-controlled big cities to swing the presidential election their way.

We don’t have to worry about that in Webster County because our county clerk, Stan Whitehurst, has overseen more than 100 elections since taking office in 1998.

Stan said locally the election went very well. He explained why: “It’s due to the great people I work with and the wonderful job our election judges did.”

He added that Webster County’s election went “glitch free,” just like we’ve come to expect, thanks to Stan.

Sadly, that can’t be said for the rest of the country.

On election night, I took a little nap, anticipating that nothing important was going to happen until about 2 a.m. local time.

When I started watching the election coverage on television, President Donald J. Trump was on a roll.

We all know those East Coast states long ago gave away most of their personal liberties. They will always be “Blue States,” voting for the Democrat-Socialist agenda.

It looked at 2 a.m. that most states in the Midwest were being won by the Republican ticket.

It appeared the current administration was headed for another four years in office.

Miraculously, thousands and thousands of votes started pouring in for Biden-Harris from Democrat-controlled big cities like Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta and Philadelphia — key battleground states that kept Biden’s electoral vote headed toward the magic number of 270 needed to win the election.

Just like I predicted they would a month ago.

Another miracle occurred when electoral votes started being subtracted from the Trump-Pence ticket. Several “Red States” turned to Blue States, and the mainstream liberal media couldn’t hide their excitement in the rush to name Joe Biden as the next president.

The third miracle was when vote counting stopped in key states needed for a win by either ticket. Nobody knows why the count slowed to a creep in Arizona, and we all know that “whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” so we’ll never know what happened in Nevada.

Since then, countless reports of voter fraud have been made by not only President Trump and the White House press office, but also by key Republican legislator Lindsey Graham and “America’s Mayor,” Rudy Giuliani.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said teams are on the ground in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania to investigate reports of irregularities counting ballots. McDaniel said, “(Democrats) want to ignore clear irregularities, rush to call states won and end the election. We will not stand for that.”

I suppose I’m a pessimist because I’m resigned to the fact the “big-boned lady has sung,” and the show is over.

When alleged crimes have been committed, time is the biggest obstacle when it comes to protecting the all-important “chain of evidence” to secure a criminal conviction.

Investigators will tell you as time passes, it becomes more and more difficult to obtain evidence to prove wrongdoing.

If you think that’s impossible because vote by mail is so secure, then I have a bridge at “Second Slab” north of town I’ll let go for $1-million.

Joe Biden has put the “trans” in his presidential-transition team and is busy talking to foreign leaders and picking his Cabinet.

Former Obama administration official Shawn Skelly, a 20-year Navy veteran, has been named as an agency reviewer for the U.S. Department of Defense. Skelly is a man living as a woman; that must make Skelly an “expert” on national defense. How long will it take Biden to overturn President Trump’s ban on transgenders serving in our U.S. military?

There’s time for a fourth and fi nal miracle.

The final miracle is that only five days after the election, Pfizer announced a vaccine for COVID-19 that is 90-percent effective.

Remember how the mainstream media “hee-hawed” President Trump when he predicted a vaccine would be available by election day? He was five days off, but I haven’t heard any apologies directed his way, have you?

Because I’ve exhibited such amazingly accurate psychic predictions, here are a few more to look forward to in the next four years during a Biden-Harris administration:

• Washington, D.C., will become the 51st state, giving Democrats two more senators, as well as several additional Democrats in the House.

• Vote by mail with no checks and balances will allow Democrats to stuff ballot boxes with total impunity.

• We will become Communist China’s “Banana Republic.”

Migrants from every cesspool country in the world will swarm here to get all the free benefits, courtesy of the Democrats and paid for by the American taxpayer. No problem, our federal government will just keep borrowing money from the Chinese Communists.

• Kamala Harris will become the 47th President following Biden either stepping down from office due to dementia or by dying. I’m concerned that following Biden’s plastic surgery last summer, the skin is stretched so tight over his skull if he sneezes his head will explode. About the only good thing I can find to say about Harris is during a February interview she admitted to smoking weed, and unlike Bill Clinton, she inhaled.

• Our relations with Israel will be guided by the same policy advisers that worked for Obama and gave Iran $150 billion to help fund their nuclear weapons program, along with plenty of money to support terrorists in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and even on our own shores.

• Beheadings of Christians by radical Muslims and suicide bombings with large numbers of victims will become as common in the U.S. as they are in Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa and the Middle East.

• “White privilege” will be deemed a sin.

Fred Spriggs is the former news editor of the Webster County Citizen, a position he held for nearly 15 years and where he won dozens of national and state awards for journalism excellence. He now lives in rural Stone County in retirement with his wife, Julie, who also is a Seymour native.

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