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The blend of alcohol, fireworks and a handgun led to the Christmas-evening arrest of a Seymour man on West Summit Avenue.

Arrested just after 6 p.m. early Saturday evening was Jonathan Warren Jones, 34, who faces charges for unlawful use of a loaded weapon while intoxicated, a felony, according to a report filed by Patrolman Tyler Smith of the Seymour Police Department.

Smith said Jones’ arrest on Christmas came after he was notified by Sgt. Gabe Stroud that Stroud heard gun shots coming from a home behind the police department on the southwest corner of the Seymour square.

That’s when Smith and Stroud arrived at 204 West Summit Avenue, where several individuals were found in a shed behind the home. Two males in the shed were intoxicated, Smith’s report said.

“One of the males who identified as Jonathan Jones stated he was shooting off fireworks, then stated he shot at the fireworks,” the report said.

“After speaking to him further, he stated he did shoot a firearm, and (he) informed me the firearm was behind the shed in the bushes.”

Located seconds later by the officers was a Springfield Armory 9mm pistol.

Soon thereafter, Jones was placed under arrest for the unlawful use of a firearm, then he was taken to the Webster County Jail in Marshfield, where he was placed on a 12-hour detox, according to police records.

While at the county jail, a blood test was taken on Jones, where his blood-alcohol level was .288, more than 3-1/2 times over the legal intoxicated limit of .08.

Seymour Police Chief Steve Pogue said Monday that the local department has a no-tolerance policy regarding the discharge of firearms inside the city limits.

“It’s against the law ... especially so when a person is heavily intoxicated,” Pogue said.

“When this occurs, the person in violation of the law is headed to jail, simple as that.”

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