- 28 child-rape counts

Terry Rippee

A 59-year-old Seymour man faces 28 counts for statutory rape of a child under the age of 14, all in the first degree, per charges filed Friday, June 25, by the Webster County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Terry Lynn Rippee, who previously plead guilty to statutory sodomy in the second degree and to child endangerment in the first degree (a case originally filed as first-degree child molestation) more than 15 years ago, now faces the aforementioned 28 charges for acts allegedly committed against the children of his longtime girlfriend who later became his wife, Heather Rippee, when they lived together southwest of Seymour.

After his arrest on June 25, Rippee’s bond was set at $1,000,000 by Webster County Associate Circuit Judge Chuck Replogle.

Currently held at the Webster County Jail in Marshfield, Rippee’s next court appearance arrives at 1 p.m. next Tuesday afternoon before Replogle.

Deputy Shane Forrest of the Webster County Sheriff’s Department wrote in his probable-cause statement of the alleged crimes, which was four pages long, that the case first came to the attention of he and Cpl. Caleb Essary when they were dispatched to the Seymour Police Department, where a co-worker of one of Rippee’s alleged abuse victims confided to him that Rippee had molested her.

Essary and Forrest were called to Seymour on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 23.

Later that evening, once they determined that Terry Rippee no longer was living in the family home, the two county officers contacted his wife, Heather Rippee, and requested that she come to the Seymour station with her other younger daughter for an interview.

The next day, Thursday, June 24, the alleged victim (the older daughter) came to the Webster County Sheriff’s Department in Marshfield for an interview.

“(The female victim) said she was raped by Terry around the age of 12-1/2 to the age of 13-1/2 or 14,” Forrest wrote in his probable-cause statement. “(She) said she told friends and family members about the abuse, but (Rippee) told her no one would believe her. (She) said she told her mom when she was 15-1/2 or 16. (She) said her mom guilt tripped her to not talk about anything due to her mom allowing a known sexual offender to move in and be around the kids. (She) said her mom told her the kids would be taken into custody and that mom would be arrested for allowing it to happen.”

The victim described numerous incidents that involved being sexually abused by Terry Rippee.

One happened when she was just 12-1/2 years old.

“(The victim) said Terry made it clear to her that he liked it when kids first started developing,” Forrest’s report said.

The victim told Forrest that Terry Rippee sexually assaulted her “frequently.” When Forrest asked how often, she said it was “once a day to once every couple of days” and that this activity continued until she was 13-1/2 to 14 years old.

In another alleged incident, Terry Rippee took the young female to a storage unit near an old trailer in rural Seymour.

On one occasion, Rippee allegedly raped her. She was between the ages of 13-1/2 and 14, she told Forrest.

Per Forrest’s report, the victim described a regular routine when Terry Rippee would take her with him to pick up her mother from work after the late-evening shift.

On these trips, Rippee repeatedly touched her in a variety of sexual ways and forced her to touch him.

The victim, who is Heather Rippee’s oldest daughter, said that her younger sister also has been a victim of Terry Rippee’s sexual aggression.

“(The older sister and longtime alleged victim) said she talked to her sister, who told her when she was 11 years old, Terry was in her room,” Forrest wrote. “She said her sister stated her and Terry were wrestling when Terry pinned her to the bed and attempted to French kiss her. She said her sister also told her while he was attempting to kiss her, he was trying to unbutton his pants.”

After this incident, per the victim interviewed by Forrest, Heather Rippee “kicked Terry out the second time, which would have been a couple of months ago.”

Forrest’s report made it clear that Heather Rippee knew about Terry Rippee’s sexual activities with her daughters.

“(The victim) said her mom and Terry would get into arguments, and it was mostly about Terry doing something with her or her sister,” his report said.

Per Forrest’s report, Heather Rippee also was arrested for her alleged involvement.

She was arrested on June 24 for “failing to protect her child after she had been told Terry Rippee had touched and raped her.” Capt. Rick Hamilton of the sheriff’s department read Heather Rippee her rights, told her that she was under arrest, then interviewed her at the sheriff’s office.

“During the interview, Heather stated she had been told by her daughter about Terry touching and raping her,” Forrest wrote in his report. “Heather said she did confront Terry about the allegations, and he admitted to her he had done it. Heather said he told her he was sorry.”

The report continued, “Heather said Terry told her if she reported it, he would deny all of it, and she would be arrested for allowing him to be around her kids.”

To conclude his report, Forrest made it clear that he felt Terry Rippee was a risk to the general public.

“Terry Rippee by his own admission to the victim told her he likes kids who are at the prepubescent age as they are starting to develop into maturity with their bodies,” Forrest said.

“Terry Rippee has been charged in two different cases involving several victims. Terry Rippee is a serious repeat offender who is already charged with crimes that require him to be on the Missouri Sex Offender Registry.”

Maximum sentence for each count of Terry Rippee’s alleged crimes, if convicted, is a term of life in prison, while the minimum sentence is five years in prison.

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