Webster County Sheriff Roye Cole admits the call Deputy Adam Hughes received in the early morning of July 23 likely is the first of its kind.

When Hughes was dispatched to Center Point Road, located about three miles northwest of Diggins, at 4:41 a.m., he arrived to find a 23-year-old Amish man who had removed his testicles with a knife.

The man, Jacob Schwartz, with no middle initials provided in Hughes’ report, was laying in his bed with a blanket over him in the family’s home, just off Highway A.

"There was blood on the blanket, bed and floor around Jacob," Hughes wrote in his report. "I asked Jacob what happened, and he said he had went outside and castrated himself."

Hughes asked Schwartz to explain how he accomplished the task.

"He said he cut off his testicles with a knife and threw them over the hill," the deputy wrote in his report. "It appeared Jacob had cut open his scrotum and removed his testicles.

"Jacob said he put blood-stop powder on the wound to stop the bleeding and went to bed."

Hughes said Schwartz refused to tell him why he hurt himself.

"(Schwartz) said he didn’t remember going outside or walking back to his room," the report continued. "Jacob was starting to have seizures and was becoming unconscious. He was unable to tell me what part of the property the incident happened on."

At this point, Schwartz was transported to Cox Medical Center South in Springfield by ambulance, where he was treated for his injuries.

Cole said deputies searched the property and couldn’t find any evidence of the man’s castration.

"Adam (Hughes) talked to him, took his statements, then we loaded him up and sent him off in an ambulance," he said.

Hughes also searched the home and its perimeter, looking for evidence to corroborate Schwartz’s story.

"I was unable to find any blood outside of Jacob’s bedroom," Hughes said. "Jacob’s father, also named Jacob, said (his son)had never hurt himself before and had no idea why would have done do this time."

Does Cole believe the younger Schwartz’s statement were accurate?

"I find it hard to accept what the 23-year-old man said as being completely truthful," Cole explained.

"I think that what he said he did to himself would be very, very hard to do."

But the sheriff doesn’t envision charges being filed.

"Unless someone comes to us with a different version of this incident and how it occurred, our hands are tied," Cole said.

"It’s been a month since this happened, and I don’t see that happening, although, as I said before, it’s hard to me to believe the story we were told ...

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