- Heavy winds hit city

The city of Seymour's South Shed just east of the city's South Park sustained major damage from winds early Friday evening.

Winds estimated at more than 80 miles per hour struck the city of Seymour early Friday evening and caused widespread damage throughout the city, most significantly on the city’s south side.

Damage began being reported around 6:20 p.m. Friday and continued for nearly 20 minutes.

City Administrator Hillary Gintz said a damage estimate wasn’t available Monday.

“We submitted the claim to the city’s insurance carrier, MIRMA (the Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association), early Monday morning,” she said. “Right now, we’re not sure when the adjusters will arrive, but we do have significant damage to city property, with the most damage at the city’s South Shop near the Seymour South Park.”

At the South Shop, Gintz said there was damage to the building’ rafters and roof, a side panel was blown open, the front doors were damaged, as well as damage to the building’s exterior fence.

“Debris was blown all over the shop’s surrounding area,” she noted. “There also was damage to a city building north of the South Shop.”

Lights and an electric pole at the city’s ballfield suffered severe damage; so severe that the field temporarily has been closed.

“We also had a lot of damage to street signs throughout town,” Gintz said. “We’ve had reports in the city of multiple missing trampolines.”

When the storm passed, there were many power outages in the city.

“I can’t give enough credit to our workers,” Gintz said.

“We weren’t out of power for long. Repairs were made at a very rapid pace.”

In the alley behind Commercial Street, just west of Seymour City Hall, a carport behind the laundromat was airlifted and blown on an electric service line.

“The fire department helped on that call, as well as a few others,” Gintz said.

She said that throughout the city, there was lots of debris and damaged Christmas lights.

“There appeared to be more damage on the south side of town,” she said. “Specifically, south of the square in the area of the South Shop is where the damage appears to have been the worst.”

Gintz said on Monday, another electric pole was found down.

“We’ve now found all of the damage and for the most part have repaired everything that can be repaired,” she concluded.

“The damage to the South Shop isn’t something that we can fix. It’s very severe. I’m not sure if that building ends up being a total loss, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that is what ultimately happens.”

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