- Child’s head hammered?

This home at 514 Rhodes Avenue in Seymour was the scene where a Seymour woman recently struck a local child in the head with a hammer.

A Seymour Middle School student’s cry for help earlier this month led last week to assault charges being filed on a Seymour woman.

Kendra May Johnson, 31, faces second-degree charges for domestic assault after allegedly hitting the aforementioned middle-school student, a boy, on the head with a hammer, according to a probable-cause statement filed by Cpl. Gabe Stroud of the Seymour Police Department.

Johnson, who lives at 514 Rhodes Avenue in Seymour, was arrested around 11 a.m. last Tuesday, March 9, at her grandmother’s home on Park Street in Seymour, then was taken to the Webster County Jail in Marshfield by Patrolman Skylar McIntosh of the Seymour Police Department.

As of Monday morning, Johnson was being held at the county jail on a $20,000 bond. She had a bond hearing set for yesterday (Tuesday) before Webster County Associate Circuit Judge Chuck Replogle.

The case came to the attention of local law enforcement on Tuesday, March 2, when Stroud was dispatched to the Seymour Middle School in reference to a student who had faced alleged child abuse at his residence, which also is 514 Rhodes Avenue.

Once he arrived at the school, Stroud was met by Ray Rodriguez, the Seymour R-II School District’s resource officer, and Tina Clancy, a case worker for the Missouri Division of Family Services (DFS) office in Marshfield.

Stroud report said he learned that the middle-school student alleged that Johnson had “hit him in the head with a hammer.” The student also said he was “very scared to go home,” due to the fact he had caught his father and Johnson “having sex” at the residence.

After the school visit, Stroud went to 514 Rhodes Avenue, where he made contact with Jeremy Napier, a resident of the home and the alleged victim’s father.

“Mr. Napier stated that he was told (by his son) and Mrs. Johnson that he was ‘hit in the head’ by a hammer,” Stroud wrote in his report. “Mr. Napier said that Mrs. Johnson told him that the hammer ‘fell out of her hand’ and struck (his son) in the head. Mrs. Johnson said she had possession of the hammer due to ‘fixing the bathroom door.’

“I then made contact with Mrs. Johnson ... and asked her what happened in reference to the hammer incident. (She) stated that (the minor boy in middle school) and her son (a 3-year-old male) were ‘arguing.’ At that time, she had a hammer in her hand and walked over to the desk and ‘was trying to prove a point’ by striking the computer desk with the hammer and ‘(the boy in middle school) moved his head onto the desk.’ At that time, the hammer struck him in the top portion of his head.”

In his report, Stroud noted that when he asked Johnson to step outside so he and Clancy could speak with the boy in middle school, Johnson became very irritated and was cussing and yelling at both he and Clancy.

“At that time, I instructed Officer Rodriguez to detain Mrs. Johnson by placing double-locking wrist restraints on her,” Stroud’s report said. “Mrs. Johnson was placed in double-locking wrist restraints while continuing to curse and yell while young children were present. It should be known that I observed on several occasions Mrs. Johnson instruct (her 3-year-old son) to say ‘f*** off’ towards me and the DFS worker.”

Stroud then spoke with the middle-school student who was living in the Rhodes Avenue home with his father, as well as Johnson, her husband and her 3-year-old son. During an interview in the home’s living room, the young boy gave the chain of events that occurred on the day in question when he was struck by Johnson with a hammer.

“(The boy) showed step-by-step details,” Stroud wrote in his report. “He showed while sitting as his computer desk that (Johnson’s 3-year-old son) began ‘pulling’ at his arm. At that time, (the boy) told Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Johnson then in anger walked up right behind him while sitting in his chair and struck him three times in the head with a hammer. (The boy) described the hammer to have no handle and be silver in color. (The boy) stated that he had a ‘big lump’ on his head.”

Next, Stroud spoke with Nikita Johnson, who is the husband to Kendra Johnson.

“When asked about the incident involving the hammer, Mr. Johnson stated that Mrs. Johnson told him that (the boy) was hit in the head with a hammer, but he didn’t know what had actually conspired due to being at work during the time of the incident,” Stroud’s report said.

Per the report, during the time that Clancy was attempting to talk to Kendra Johnson about a “safety plan” involving her 3-year-old son and Napier’s son, who was struck by her with a hammer, Johnson was yelling, “F*** you, I don’t have to do sh**!” Stroud said at that time, due to safety concerns for the two children who lived at the home and the concerns of Kendra Johnson being unwilling to abide by the safety plan, he completed a Form 33, and DFS took custody of the two children — Johnson’s 3-year-old son, as well as the Seymour Middle School student who is Napier’s son. Since the children were taken from the home last Tuesday, March 9, Stroud said that to his knowledge, both are living in foster care until more is determined about their living conditions and safety.

“The bottom line is that we’ve got a young boy who was hit in the head with a hammer and is scared to go home,” Stroud said last week.

“And the actions of Mrs. Johnson when confronted about the alleged series of events were aggressive and violent. For the safety of the children, they were removed. Mrs. Johnson now can answer for her alleged actions, which include hitting a child in the head with a hammer for no apparent reason.”

When Stroud filed his probable-cause statement, he sought child-abuse charges against Kendra Johnson.

The Webster County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office filed the charges as second-degree domestic assault.

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