- Virus cases growing

Statistics released Monday by the Webster County Health Unit show the county’s number of new COVID-19 cases are at a record high.

Data distributed early that afternoon showed there are 156 active cases in the county.

Above that, during the past week, there were 260 new cases added.

The previous week, 250 new cases were reported in Webster County.

The new numbers show a dramatic upswing in the growth of COVID-19 in the county. During the week of Dec. 28, only 103 new cases were reported. From Nov. 8 to Dec. 13, the number of new cases ranged from 88 to 178, with the average number around 130.

Last week’s 260 cases were the highest number of new cases in Webster County in a week since the national pandemic began nearly a year ago.

In terms of communities and the number of reported cases, Marshfield, the county seat and largest city in the county, leads the way with 1,256 as of Monday.

Next is Rogersville at 395, followed by Seymour at 356 and Fordland at 352.

Niangua has reported 142 cases.

Other communities and the number of reported cases include Strafford at 94, Elkland at 64, Conway at 52, Fair Grove at 8, while Diggins and Hartville each have a single case, per the health unit’s statistics.

The age demographic with the highest number of cases?

That would be between the ages of 40 and 49 at 456.

Between the ages of 50 and 59, the tally is 436 cases.

Other ages and the number of cases include:

• Ages 30 to 39, 391.

• Ages 60 to 69, 375.

• Ages 20 to 29, 357.

• Ages 70 to 79, 236.

• Ages 11 to 19, 230.

• Ages 80 and above, 171.

• Ages birth to 10, 70.

As of Monday, the total number of positive COVID-19 cases in Webster County since the outbreak last March is 2,722. Of that total, 43 county residents have died due to the virus, while another 98 have been hospitalized.

Per the statistics, 2,523 people have recovered.

More on the COVID-19 infection rate and associated statistics surrounding the virus can be found at the health unit’s website at www.webstercohealth.com.

The county’s health unit, located at 233 East Washington Street in Marshfield, just east of the county courthouse, can be reached at 417-859-2532.

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