- R-II project: $7.4 million

The site for the new Seymour R-II School District gymnasium is located northwest of the current Seymour Middle School and middle- and high-school cafeteria buildings.

Tentative plans for the Seymour R-II School District’s new gymnasium were reviewed early last week by Superintendent Steve Richards and the seven-member Seymour R-II Board of Education, giving district officials a glimpse of the facility that’s scheduled for completion by the end of 2022.

In a four-page set of drawings submitted by school architect Jim Rutledge of Springfield, the district’s new gymnasium, which will replace the 55-year-old model constructed in 1966, is a 26,500-square-foot facility that will seat 1,177 people.

The gym’s main, ground-fl oor level is 21,400 square feet.

It will have a seating capacity of 809, including 314 chairback seats.

The gym’s mezzanine level is 5,100 square feet and a seating capacity of 368.

Per Rutledge’s plans reviewed by the school board, there will be a full mezzanine around the entire gym floor.

Richards said the estimated construction cost is between $4 million and $5 million.

Most of this cost, if not all of it, will be covered by federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief & Economic Stimulus (C.A.R.E.S.)

Act funding provided in the government’s second phase of the relief program. In this round of federal funding, Seymour was awarded just over $4 million.

There will be men’s and women’s restroom facilities on both levels of the new gymnasium.

On the gym’s main level, included are boys’ and girls’ locker rooms, boys’ and girls’ physical-education locker rooms, a laundry room, a weight room, an offi ce for the athletic director and several storage rooms.

“Right now, this set of drawings are tentative, and there will be a few adjustments,” Richards explained.

“But the general concept of what (Rutledge) has designed is the framework for the new gym going forward. Overall, I feel the (school) board was pleased with this design.”

He added that building plans for the gym will be fi ne tuned over the next month. Richards said the same is true for a new pre-school and kindergarten building that will be constructed to the west of the current elementary building.

“As a district, including the ongoing renovations at the east entrance to the high school, we’re looking at more than $9 million of building projects within the district over the next year and a half, concluding at the end of 2022,” he said.

“This is a very unique time in our school’s history where we have an opportunity to vastly improve our district’s buildings in partnership with the federal government.”

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