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The growth of COVID-19 cases declined last week in the county’s two hottest spots of Marshfi eld and Seymour.

That’s the good news.

The bad news?

Coronavirus cases spiked in Rogersville from 27 to 50, nearly doubling between Thursday, Aug. 27, and last Friday, a span of only eight days, according to statistics released by the Webster County Health Unit in Marshfield, which said the county’s case count now is at 249.

Rogersville now has the second-most cases of COVID-19 in Webster County, surpassing Seymour, which has had 43 confirmed cases.

Leading the way in Marshfield, the county’s largest city and county seat, with 99 cases, up from 82 cases the previous week.

As of Friday, a total of 4,847 county residents had been tested for the virus, with 4,569 negative tests reported. That translates to a negativity rate of 94.3 percent for all people tested in Webster County, per the statistics.

In the two weeks prior, those totals were 4,436 tested and 4,203 negative, followed by 4,310 tested and 4,111 negative, for respective negativity rates of 94.7 and 95.4 percent, as the county’s percentage of positive tests increases.

Webster County now has 249 positive cases.

Of those 249 cases, 195 are recovered, and there has been one death.

Currently, there are 53 active cases in the county, which is the highest number of active cases in Webster County since testing began in March.

One week ago, there were 44 active cases.

That total was 39 two weeks ago and only 16 three weeks ago.

As has been the norm for nearly a month, the health unit last Friday provided a COVID-19 case distribution on its website (see the accompanying chart), informing residents of the city/community location for each of the 249 positive-test cases.

Leading the way is the county seat of Marshfield with 99 cases, followed by Rogersville with 50. Next is Seymour at 43 cases.

Fordland is at 27 cases.

Niangua is next with 15, Strafford follows with 12, while Conway has six cases, followed by Elkland with five. Per the health unit’s numbers, Diggins has one case.

The age demographic with the highest number of cases?

It’s between the ages of 30 and 39 with 49.

As of noon Friday, there were 23 tests pending results, Webster County Health Unit officials reported.

There also have been eight total hospitalizations of county residents, up from eight the previous week, due to the virus.

The county’s health unit is located at 233 East Washington Street in Marshfield, just east of the city square.

The phone number is 417-859-2532.

The website is www.webstercohealth.com.

See daily updates from both Webster County Health Department and Missouri COVID-19 Dashboard on our website: www.webstercountycitizen.com

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