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A slew of criminal charges await a man and woman from  California apprehended while loitering around the Seymour Price Cutter grocery store late Saturday night.

The female is 22-year-old Toree Annmarie Rankin from Bakersfield, Calif.

The male is 24-year-old Christopher E. Riley of Tachip, Calif.

But those aren’t the names given to Patrolman Tyler Smith of the Seymour Police Department when he encountered the duo with a stolen 2017 Honda Accord car bearing California plates on a Seymour street.

Rankin said her name was Sam Perkins.

Riley gave his name as Chad Riley, which was relatively close to his real name.

By night’s end, both were residents of the Webster County Jail in Marshfield, as Smith wrote probable-cause statements asking Webster County Prosecuting Attorney Ben Berkstresser to file an array of criminal charges on the pair.

When Smith first confronted the duo, Riley said they “had been hitchhiking for a couple of months.”

That didn’t explain why they were traveling in the aforementioned Honda Accord with California plates.

Rankin initially said she wasn’t driving the car, then later admitted she was the driver. After telling Smith when she was handcuffed that she “was going into shock” and that her feet and hands were going numb, Rankin said she “bought the car from somebody in Bakersfield (Calif.),” although she couldn’t remember the person’s name despite an alleged sale price of $1,500.

The car’s book value was more than $17,000.

Rankin told Smith she and Riley had been dating for “a couple of months.”

But Riley said of Rankin, “I just met her.”

Neither said they knew of stolen merchandise in the car; however, Rankin told Smith that new hats in the vehicle were purchased “from someone we call Grandma.”

Later, Smith learned Riley was wanted in Kern County, Calif., on four felony warrants for possession of a stolen vehicle, obstructing police, evading arrest and assault.

The owner of the stolen car also was located.

Smith initially made contact with Rankin and Riley at 10:35 p.m. Saturday.

He added in his report that a deputy from Kern County had contacted the Webster County Jail and wanted for Riley to be held on the four aforementioned felony warrants.

As of Monday, both Rankin and Riley were in custody at the county jail.

“There’s little doubt in my mind that had Tyler not stopped and question these two, something would’ve been stolen in Seymour on Saturday,” said Sgt. Chase Davis, detective for the Seymour Police Department.

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