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A classic 1984 Ford Mustang GT stolen from a 38-year-old Seymour man early last week was recovered Thursday in Greene County, Seymour Police Chief Steven Pogue said Monday.

“It’s certainly an odd case where we were fortunate to see the car recovered,” Pogue said.

The theft came to the attention of Seymour Police Department Patrolman Judd Taylor around 8:10 p.m. last Tuesday, June 7, when he was flagged down while patrolling on North Division Street. Taylor learned that there had been a recent break in and theft at a garage at the city’s southern edge on Slate Drive, across from the Wilson-Alexander American Legion Post No. 306.

Taylor worked the crime with Patrolman McCoy Watson.

They spoke with the Ford Mustang’s owner, Philip Shockey, who provided the officers with the car’s details.

“I observed the door where someone had forced entry into the shop where the Mustang was located,” Watson said in his report. “I then photographed the area of the side door located on the west side of the shop building.”

Taylor and Watson noted in each of their reports that there were tire marks that had pulled into Highway K and appeared to be going south toward Ava.

Fast forward less than two days, and Pogue was contacted by Shockey about some leads from a post made on the social-media platform Facebook.

“Shockey stated he was told his car was seen across the road from 2256 North Fort Avenue in Springfield,” Pogue’s report said. He then contacted the Springfield Police Department to report this information.

In the interim, Pogue received another lead about Shockey’s car being sighted in the Strafford area. Yet another lead had the Ford Mustang at the Mile 80 marker on Interstate 44 in Springfield, traveling west.

“Around 3:45 p.m. (on Thursday), Webster County dispatch informed me that Greene County had the car stopped in Springfield,” Pogue said. “I contacted the Greene County Sheriff’s Department to inform them Mr. Shockey would be on scene shortly to pick up his car.”

When deputies in Greene County stopped the stolen Mustang, the driver was a Springfield woman, Stacy Lane.

In the car’s passenger seat was a Springfield man who was identified as David Lane.

“David Lane told officers that he didn’t know how Stacy Lane had got the car ... she just picked him up while driving it,” Pogue said. “When Stacy Lane was questioned, she had even less to say, just yelling curse words at the officers.”

Both Lanes were taken to the Greene County Jail in Springfield for being in possession of a stolen vehicle.

“It appeared that the Lanes were living in the car,” Pogue added. “(Shockey) said his car was damaged badly in several ways. The clutch was fried. The rear end is shot. There was

significant damage.”

Pogue said he’s spent several days investigating any ties the Lanes may have to Seymour.

“We really can’t find anything,” he said.

“I think that once we really get in to this case, we’ll find that (Shockey) just had the misfortune of having his Mustang in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Pogue added that Seymour recently has been a haven for finding stolen vehicles.

On Friday, a vehicle stolen from West Plains was found in Seymour.

On Saturday, Taylor and Watson recovered another stolen vehicle during a traffic stop.

“Our guys are doing a great job ... staying very busy and getting things done,” Pogue said. “Maybe a lot of this has to do with this time of year, but I’m proud of all of my officers for staying very alert at all times.”

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