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During the time period from Nov. 1 through Nov. 30, the Seymour Police Department answered 163 calls for service, issued 66 traffic warnings and 55 summons, while 10 people were booked into the Webster County Jail.

Calls during this period included:

Nov. 1

• Officers received a call in reference to subjects feeling unsafe to go shopping due to a subject they got in an altercation with. The Seymour Police Department was able to assist the subjects to ensure their safety.

Nov. 2

• A Webster County Sheriff’s Department deputy requested assistance in locating a stolen vehicle that was in the Seymour area. Officers were able to locate a stolen Ford Mustang and return it to the owner.

Nov. 3

• In the evening hours, a call was dispatched to officers for a female subject who was intoxicated at Casey’s General Store. Officers arrived on scene and were able to locate the female to transport her to a friend’s house.

Nov. 4

• While on routine patrol, an officer observed a male walking behind Hot Spot and through people’s yards. The officer was able to make contact with the male subject, who was attempting to get away due to having active warrants.

Nov. 5

• In the late-night hours, officers contacted a subject out at the South Park. The subject left the park due to it being closed.

Nov. 6

• Dispatch advised officers about a stolen truck in the Seymour area, which the Webster County Sheriff’s Department was looking for. Officers assisted in searching the area for the truck. The truck was later located and returned to the owner.

Nov. 7

• Officers responded to a motor vehicle versus Amish buggy accident at U.S. 60 and Bison Road. Officers arrived on scene and confirmed that there were no injuries.

Nov. 8

• A complaint was made for a suspicious activity regarding a male subject talking to teens on the city square. Officers were able to track down the subject and confirm there was no intent of harm.

Nov. 9

• Officers responded to a call for service. While on the call, a subject was contacted who had an active warrant out for their arrest. The subject was arrested and then transported to the Webster County Jail.

Nov. 10

• A call for a disturbance on Ventura Drive was dispatched to officers. When officers arrived on scene, they came in contact with two subjects verbally arguing. The parties were separated, and the conflict quickly was resolved.

Nov. 11

• A complaint was given to officers about a female at the West Park asking people for $500. Later, another complaint was made about the same female inside the laundromat acting strange. Officers located the subject, who got kicked out of the place she was staying and looking for somewhere else to stay.

Nov. 12

• City officers received information about a subject living in Seymour with an active warrant out of Douglas County. Officers located and arrested the subject. The subject was transported to the Douglas County Jail in Ava.

Nov. 13

• A “911” call was made for subjects fighting in the roadway on Highway C, Officers were able to locate the subjects at Signal gas station. The conflict was settled as no physical altercation took place.

Nov. 14

• During routine patrol officers located a stolen vehicle out of Mansfield. The vehicle was unoccupied. Officers were able to conduct an investigation and file charges on the subject who was illegally operating the vehicle.

Nov. 15

• A complaint was made for subjects speeding on Water Street. Extra patrol will be conducted in the area. The department is projecting placing one of the new speed signs on the city roadway.

Nov. 16

• A resident contacted the Seymour Police Department regarding a suspicious vehicle driving by their home and stopping to talk to their kids. Officers were able to locate the vehicle and discover it was teens just trying to have fun and meant no harm.

Nov. 17

• Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle during the late-night hours. They smelled the odor of intoxicants coming from the vehicle. Officers were able to confirm the driver was not under the influence before sending them on their way.

Nov. 18

• Students from the Victory Academy came to the police station for a tour. The students brought cards and gifts with them for the officers.

Nov. 19

• A call for a runaway juvenile was reported to officers in the evening hours. Officers were able to locate the runaway and return them safely to their family.

Nov. 20

• Officers responded to a domestic disturbance on Division Street. Officers were able to separate the parties to ensure no physical altercation took place.

Nov. 21

• An emergency call for a motor-vehicle accident came in. It was reported to officers that one of the parties did not stop. Officers were able to locate the subject that left the scene of the accident.

Nov. 22

• Officers responded to a motor-vehicle accident at U.S. 60 and Loveland Street for a vehicle that struck a deer. The deer was crossing the highway heading into town when it jumped in front of traffic.

Nov. 23

• A “911” call came in for a subject driving all over the roadway who pulled into Taco Bell. Officers were able to locate the suspect. When they made contact with the suspect, they could observe them to be intoxicated. The suspect resisted arrest as they fought with officers, trying to get away. The subject was apprehended and transported to the Webster County Jail for DWI.

Nov. 24

• During a routine patrol, officers conducted a traffic stop on Clinton Avenue in the evening hours. When officers made contact with the driver, they observed signs of impairment. The driver was put through a field-sobriety test and placed under arrest for DWI.

Nov. 25

• Officers assisted county deputies with a subject who was being combative with an EMS crew. Subject was calmed down and transported to the hospital.

Nov. 26

• Information was given to officers about a stolen firearm that was sold to residence in Seymour. Officers were able to locate the residence and recover the firearm for the owner. Charges have been filed on the subject who stole and sold the firearm.

Nov. 27

• There are several people living in town with active warrants. City officers, along with deputies, went to several residences to contact subjects with active warrants. Officers will be going to residences around town for the next several weeks to apprehend those with active warrants.

Nov. 28

• The Webster County Sheriff’s Department requested assistance from officers when a “911” call came in for a subject getting stabbed with a machete on Highway AB. Officers responded to the residence to assist and arrest the suspect and provide first aid.

Nov. 29

• During routine patrol in the evening hours, officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle in front of the high school. Officers were able to conduct a search of the vehicle and located narcotics and firearms. Formal charges are to be submitted to the Webster County Prosecutor’s Office.

Nov. 30

• A “911” medical call came in to officers for a residence located on Washington Street for a subject who had overdosed. Officers arrived on scene and observed the subject was unresponsive and not breathing with no pulse. The officers administered NARCAN and were able to gain a pulse and breathing from the subject before the EMS crews arrived.

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