- Weather the Oak Lawn culprit

The Oak Lawn Road railroad crossing at the city's east edge is in the process of being revamped.

The Oak Lawn Road railroad crossing at the city's east edge is in the process of being revamped.

Want someone to blame for the delays in the closure of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad crossing at Oak Lawn Road at the city of Seymour’s east edge?

Tony Boring, the longtime foreman for the Seymour Special Road District (SSRD), has a culprit.

“Mother Nature,” Boring said Monday afternoon.

“Although this isn’t our project for the road district, I do sympathize with the contractor on this. With all the rain that we keep having, the contractor can’t get its part of the project done unless you want a road laid in mud.”

Work on the BNSF crossing at Oak Lawn Road began about two weeks ago.

Initially, Boring felt the SSRD would have a role in the process. Instead, all of the road work at the crossing was contracted to Hartman Construction of Springfield, which was the project’s low bidder.

Currently, Boring said it appears the new culverts are being laid out on both sides of the railroad crossing, which has received two new sets of crossarms.

“I think what’s left (for Hartman) is that they need to put in the fill dirt,” he explained. “But the rains, without a doubt, have slowed them down.”

Boring said the two new BNSF crossarms have been installed and now are operational.

“There will be new blacktop at the crossing, and it looks like the railroad has completed its part of the work,” he said.

“In terms of opening that crossing back up again, we’re just waiting on the contracted part of it getting done.

“And I sympathize with (Hartman) on that. This weather leaves it totally out of their hands with it being so wet over the past couple of weeks.”

Moreover, it’s not an issue for the SSRD.

“It’s totally out of my control,” Boring concluded.

“This isn’t our project. We really didn’t have anything to do with it like I thought we would.”

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