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A suspicious car passenger at the Seymour Middle School late last month led to the arrest of a Seymour man who was in possession of a controlled substance.

Arrested around 3:30 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 31, in the local middle school’s parking lot was Daniel Coursey, who Sgt. Chase Davis, a detective for the Seymour Police Department, said had an active warrant after missing a Webster County court date on Aug. 18.

Davis noticed Coursey, a Seymour native, sitting in the passenger seat of a green Lincoln car on Aug. 31 while Davis was patrolling as classes were being dismissed at the middle school.

“When I stopped and looked at Coursey, he turned away and started reaching for something and was looking down and making furtive movements,” Davis said, adding that he knew Coursey had missed a court date and had an active warrant for failure to appear.

That’s when Davis exited his patrol vehicle, approached the passenger side of Coursey’s car and asked him to open the door. Coursey refused to follow Davis’ command, per the probable-cause statement, despite Davis telling Coursey that he had an active warrant.

“Coursey opened the (car’s) door and was telling me he was going to go to rehab and that he had just talked to his bail bondsman, Steve Thornton, and that he had been to his probation meeting on the day he was supposed to be in court,” Davis said in his report.

Davis continued, “Coursey was very agitated and kept saying he wanted to call Steve Thornton. Coursey did not have any I.D. for me to verify his date of birth or operator license number.”

Other Seymour officers then arrived at the scene.

“I had told Coursey several times to exit the vehicle, and he refused to do so,” Davis said in his report. “Finally, he got out of the car and stated he would only do so because he saw (Cpl. Gabe) Stroud (of the Seymour Police Department). Officer Stroud instructed Coursey to follow my instructions.”

Davis didn’t end his investigation once Coursey exited the car.

“I noticed when I went to search Coursey ... that his right pocket had been pulled inside out, and the inside of the pocket was sticking out as if he had reached into it and retrieved an item in haste and did not fix his pocket,” he wrote.

“Coursey was placed in the prisoner compartment of my patrol car. I knew that Coursey’s original charges were related to an incident in 2019 where he had wrecked a car, resisted arrest and was under the influence of a controlled substance. I knew that his blood was sent to the Missouri State Patrol Crime Laboratory in that incident and had tested positive for methamphetamine in his blood.”

Due to Coursey’s previous actions, Davis said he had reason to believe that there were controlled substances in the car.

Davis then asked the car’s driver, an adult female who was picking up a child at the school, if she would give him consent to search her vehicle. Permission was given.

“(The adult female) granted consent to search the vehicle for illegal items and made a statement that if there was anything in the car, it was in a tool box in the front - floor board,” Davis said.

“The tool box was a cloth-type box with a zipper, which was open. There was an item still in the packaging on top of it. Under that item, I found a clear, plastic baggie that contained a measurable amount of a white crystal substance, which based on my training and experience I believed to be methamphetamine.”

Coursey then was advised of his rights.

“Anything in the vehicle is mine,” he told Davis, who then showed Coursey the bag of crystals.

“It’s mine,” Coursey responded.

Davis asked Coursey if it was methamphetamine.

“It’s mine,” Coursey said.

In his report, Davis noted there was a 1-year-old child in the back of the car driven by the adult female where Coursey was a passenger prior to his arrest.

The female told Davis that she was at the middle school to pick up her friend’s daughter.

Coursey then was taken to the Webster County Justice Center in Marshfield, where he was booked on two Webster County warrants and placed on a 24-hour hold for possession of a controlled substance.

The crystals in the bag Coursey admitted were his were field tested by Davis and tested positive for methamphetamine.

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