- Tips sought on burned truck

Little was left of Joseph Inman's truck after it was stolen and found burned southwest of Seymour in the Sarvis Point area.

You normally have to make someone really upset to cause them to burn your vehicle.

In the case of rural Seymour resident Joseph Inman, he’s not quite sure what he did to cause his truck to be burned out near Sarvis Point, located about six miles southwest of Seymour, on Saturday, June 26.

“We had come in from a concert, and when I woke up the next morning, my truck was gone,” Inman said.

“I thought my brother was hiding it.”

So, he went about his day like normal.

Inman went to work, headed home, then went to his brother one last time, asking where his truck was hidden.

This wasn’t a prank.

It was a theft.

“Joey thought his brother had taken the truck,” explained Seymour business owner Jerry Inman, Joseph’s dad. “Then I told his brother that if he seriously didn’t know, I was going to the police about it.”

When Jerry Inman went to the Seymour Police Department with the news, he was told that Joseph’s truck had been burned out near Sarvis Point and was now sitting in the Yates Boys Towing lot at Seymour’s east edge.

“I was shocked,” Jerry Inman said. “I went to go look at the truck, and it was practically all melted. Even the steering wheel was just melted off.”

He’s not quite sure what his son did to cause this tragedy, but Jerry Inman said he and law enforcement need help in finding who committed the crime.

“We aren’t sure why or who did this, and we need to know,” Jerry Inman concluded. “We just need information more than anything.”

Although the crime occurred in rural Seymour, which is under the jurisdiction of deputies from the Webster County Sheriff’s Department, Inman said that neither he nor his son had heard from county officers as of last Thursday.

“It’s a bit frustrating,” Jerry Inman said. “Maybe they’ll read your paper, then give us a call.”

Anyone with any information about the crime is asked to call the Seymour Police Department at 417-935-4012, visit the station at 124 West Washington Street (on the southwest corner of the Seymour square) or contact the Webster

County Sheriff’s Department at 417-859-2247.

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