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A pair of street-paving proposals for the 2021-22 fiscal year, which starts July 1, were reviewed earlier this month by the Seymour Board of Aldermen.

Total cost of the proposed paving projects is just over $252,000.

The likely amount available in the upcoming budget for paving?

It’s $100,000.

“That’s not good,” North Ward Alderman Jim Ashley said to his three colleagues at the group’s regular meeting on Thursday, May 13.

“Looks like we’re going to have to do some prioritizing.”

A total of 10 projects were bid by two companies, Blevins Asphalt of Mount Vernon and Capital Paving of Jefferson City.

The biggest single project is an asphalt overlay of Forrest Road at the city’s northeast edge. Earlier this year, the aldermen prioritized the repaving of this road — with the Seymour Special Road District paying for half, while the city pays for the other half.

“That’s $65,000 of our $100,000,” Ashley said.

“It sure doesn’t leave much for the rest.” Blevins Asphalt submitted the only bid for the city’s portion of Forrest Road. On the other projects, Capital Paving submitted the lowest bid.

Those paving projects included:

• South A Street, $8,715.

• South B Street, $8,400.

• South C Street, $7,665.

• City alley behind east side of square, $8,400.

• City alley behind west side of square, $18,795. (Price is higher because asphalt needs to be 3 inches due to previous paving being too thin.)

• City alley behind south side of square, $10,395.

• City alley behind north side of square, $6,825.

• South Cantrell Street, $33,180.

• South Charles Street, $10,710.

• Cordie Street, $24,360.

• New paved road to the COVID-19 testing facility on east side of city, $27,715.

“Well, about the first thing we can cross off the list is the paving of the road to our new building,” Ashley said of the COVID-19 facility pavement.

“That was an easy one,” South Ward Alderman Nadine Crisp noted.

“Now we’ve got $35,000 left for almost $200,000 of the rest, all of them legitimate needs,” Ashley said.

Gintz said the decision on paving must be made within a month, prior to approval of the new budget.

The issue will be discussed at the city’s first special budget meeting, which was held Tuesday night at city hall.

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