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During the time period from March 1 through March 31, the Seymour Police Department answered 224 calls for service, issued 47 traffic warnings and 23 summons, while eight people were booked into the Webster County Jail.

Calls during this period included:

March 1

• Abandon vehicle was located in the middle of an intersection. The vehicle was towed due to blocking roadway.

March 2

• Members of the Ozark Police Department contacted officers with our department in reference to a missing person that could be in the Seymour area. Officers were able to check several residences for the missing subject.

March 3

• During a traffic stop, officers were able to locate narcotics in a vehicle. The suspect was issued several citations.

March 4

• A complaint was made on a careless and imprudent driver. Officers were able to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle to ensure the subject was not intoxicated while operating a vehicle.

March 5

• Report of harassment was made by a resident living on Ventura Drive. The matter has become an ongoing issue between two parties.

March 6

• A call came in for a MVA leaving the scene on Preston Hollow Road. Officers responded to the scene and determined the MVA was intentional and was able to identify and arrest the suspect.

March 7

• Officers responded to a MVA at U.S. 60 and Loveland Street. Both parties were uninjured and a report was made.

March 8

• Citizens called in wanting officers to investigate people dumping trash. Officers were able to identify and make contacted with the suspects. No criminal charges are being filed at this time.

March 9

• A subject was contacted and arrested on a warrant for domestic assault.

March 10

• Our officers assisted the Missouri State Highway Patrol in an arrest from a traffic stop.

March 11

• A report of a missing person was made to Seymour officers. Upon investigation, officers were able to make contact with the said missing person and make sure they were safe.

March 12

• Officers took a report for a stolen trailer, which was recovered.

• Later that afternoon, officers went to a residence on Ventura Drive to arrest a subject on a warrant.

March 13

• Officers responded to an open and unsecured building and conduced a building search to ensure nobody was inside.

• Also, officers responded to a residence on Ventura Drive for a domestic disturbance. The parties were separated, and no charges were filed.

March 14

• Medical assist to a residence for a heroin overdose. The subject was treated by EMS and transported to the hospital. All narcotics were seized from the home.

• A report was made for a person going through trash cans. The subject was located and identified.

March 15

• Report taken in reference to parental kidnapping.

March 16

• Complaint was made to officers in reference to a fight that occurred at Casey’s.

• A call was made to “911” for a subject being held against their will. Once officers arrived on scene the subject was released and did not wish to pursue charges.

March 17

• Officers were dispatched to an address for an accidental “911.” Everything at the location was okay; no one was in danger, was a misdial.

March 18

• Got reports of subject’s “ding-dong ditching” a residence on Commercial Street. Extra patrol has been issued for the area.

March 19

• A report was taken for catalytic converters stolen off a vehicle. Investigation ongoing.

• Overnight officers were dispatched to a MVA leaving the scene.

• A vehicle ran off the roadway and struck a light pole. The investigation is currently ongoing.

March 20

• During the course of a traffic stop, a subject was arrested and booked into the Webster County Jail in Marshfield for driving while suspended.

March 21

• Officers were contacted in reference to a child-custody issue.

• The Rogersville Police Department requested a Seymour officer to do a check well-being on a person who fled their city.

March 22

• A “911” call was placed by a residence for a subject following them around town with a gun. Seymour’s officers were able to locate the suspect. The suspect was released due to no criminal activity occurring.

March 23

• A complaint was made for a careless-and-imprudent driver on U.S. 60 exiting in Seymour. An officer was able to locate the subject and make sure they were not intoxicated.

• In the evening hours, a report of a juvenile female wondering the street was made to the on-duty officer. The female was located safely at home.

March 24

• Officers were dispatched to McDonald’s on West Steel Street for a subject walking around from car to car and attempting to punch out a window. Officers arrived on scene and made contact with the suspect. Upon investigation, the suspect was passing through and was walking around smoking. They were released on scene with no damages to vehicle and no criminal charges.

March 25

• A investigation was launched for counterfeit checks being passed in Seymour. The checks were also being used in the Marshfield and Rogersville area. At this time, one suspect is in custody facing criminal charges.

March 26

• Abandoned vehicle was reported to the on-duty officer. Officers were able to check on the vehicle which was later removed.

• Later that evening a officer checked on a subject who was out at the South Park after hours. They were identified and advised to leave the property.

March 27

• A complaint was made for harassment which occurred at Price Cutter. A report has been made.

March 28

• A Webster County Sheriff’s Department deputy requested assistance on a traffic stop at Main and Anderson. Seymour officer backed him up.

• In the overnight hours, officers were able to make contact with a subject who was riding a bike around some storage units. Subject was identified and released.

March 29

• Officers were dispatched to a residence for a medical call.

• During the afternoon hours, officers were dispatched to Lucky Lumber in reference to the attempted use of a fraudulent credit card. Investigation is currently ongoing.

March 30

• Several complaints were made about kids riding skateboards in the street.

March 31

• Officers were dispatched to the intersection at Division and Thoroughfare streets for a male subject passed out in their vehicle. The subject was transported home.

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