- $12,489.10 to R-II schools

The Seymour Bank last week presented the Seymour R-II School District with its "Tiger Card" money for the past school year, which totaled $12,489.10.

Seymour R-II Superintendent Steve Richards (center) receives the student funds from Heidi Young, left, and Kirk Penner, right, of The Seymour Bank.

The growth continues.

And local schools benefit.

Specifically, the Seymour R-II School District benefitted this year from The Seymour Bank’s school-card program, as the local district received a check last Wednesday, Sept. 2, for $12,489.10, representing the past year of proceeds from the bank’s “Tiger Card” program.

“The nickels add up,” noted Kirk Penner, the bank’s longtime chairman and president.

For each credit-card transaction with the bank’s special debit cards, respective schools receive 5 cents.

Currently, there are four schools in The Seymour Bank’s school-card program — Fordland, Marshfield, Rogersville and Seymour.

In 2010, the program started for schools in Rogersville and Seymour.

Since the program’s inception, $91,292.70 has been given to the local schools by The Seymour Bank.

Leading the way is Seymour’s school at $61,905.70.

In the program’s first year, the total given to the school was $1,118.55.

Steady growth followed. The tally was $2,269.25 in 2011, $2,481.70 in 2012, $3,064.25 in 2013, $3,686.80 in 2014, $4,630.60 in 2015, $6,152.65 in 2016, $6,994.20 in 2017, $8,865.25 in 2018 and $10,263.35 in 2019.

In Rogersville, the program has raised $20,742.50 since 2010.

The tally for Rogersville this year was $3,914.85.

Fordland’s school-card program started in 2013.

Since that time, $7,600.10 has gone back to the students.

Over the past three years, the revenue has jumped significantly from $1,068.55 in 2018, to $1,508 last year, followed by this year’s record $2,263.70.

In Marshfi eld, this was the first year for the program.

Raised was $1,044.40.

“Overall, contributions were up by 30 percent in 2020,” Penner noted.

A fifth card soon will be unveiled for Mansfield.

Penner said the debut of the new card has been delayed by the national COVID-19 pandemic; however, a debit card for Mansfield school supporters will be ready at the onset of 2021.

In Seymour, Superintendent Steve Richards said the funds created by the Tiger Card have been invaluable.

“Every year, the donations from the Tiger Card have increased,” Richards explained. “These funds help many students throughout the year.

“This type of funding allows the district to reach out and help students and families when needed.”

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