- People’s Pantry’ is open

Seymour's new "People's Pantry" is located at the Seymour First Christian Church on North Frances Street, one block west of the city square.

Serving Webster County, as well as many other counties in the area, the Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation (OACAC) wants to help people.

One of its ways to help is through the unique “People’s Pantry.”

Earlier this month on Friday, June 11, the Webster County OACAC Neighborhood Center placed a People’s Pantry at the Seymour First Christian Church.

The pantry is unlike others and has no set hours as it runs on a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week basis.

“The pantry serves as a place for those who are in need to get what they need,” explained Debi Reece, supervisor of the Webster County Neighborhood Center in Marshfield. “It is completely community supported, and when people give, it goes right back to their people.”

The pantry is operated on a “give what you can, take what you need” basis ... meaning that no matter the need, you’re covered.

“Many people don’t qualify for food stamps or welfare because of things they can’t help, and with the pantry being open, it allows those who can’t get assistance a leg up,” Reece noted.

OACAC was firm in its decision to place this pantry in Seymour, thinking that all towns within Webster County needed a pantry like this to help everyone.

The pantry collects everything from non-perishable foods to scarves for the winter. It offers everyone something they may need for the season.

“We collect lots of food from food drives and from generous people who stop by our pantries and fill them up after their grocery run,” Reece said. “We are so thankful for those who help to give, because without them, these pantries wouldn’t survive.”

To give to the pantry, you simply walk up and place your items inside.

To get help from the pantry, the same rules apply.

Simply take what you need.

You can find the Seymour OACAC People’s Pantry at the Seymour First Christian Church, located at 105 North Frances Street, just one block west of the city square.

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