- Photoad

Listen, this scene on North Frances Street has me seriously concerned.

For nearly a year, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has been tracking a mysterious gas leak that a person with COVID-19 can smell, yet the folks from DNR can’t seem to find it.

Now we’ve got a water leak the size “Old Faithful” breaking loose in the exact same area.

Someone needs to discover the old geographic maps from the 1800s!

Was North Frances Street built on an ancient Native American burial ground?

Because this scene reminds me of the old “Brady Bunch” episode where Greg Brady found the little voodoo statue in a cave in Hawaii, and the Brady clan had nothing but bad luck on their vacation.

The constant troubles on North Frances are anything but a vacation for city crews.

Maybe we should take this ordeal a step higher and bring in the Environmental Protection Agency?

If nothing else, they can make this a Superfund site and give the city a pot of money.

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