- National contest recognition

Seymour's Family Dollar store on South Main Street recently earned national recognition.

The Seymour Family Dollar store runs a monthly drive for different items in their store and donates them to causes in the community.

Each month, Family Dollar will send out a message telling stores which item the stores will “upsell” and market far greater than anything else in the store.

Seymour’s store has donated to many causes over the years, including donating bottled water to the local fire department, Valentine’s Day hearts for the nursing home and cookies for the Seymour Senior Citizens’ Center.

Not all Family Dollar stores work a “donation system,” but Seymour is one of the few that does.

Currently, the store is holding a drive for the graduating class of 2020 at Seymour High School, whose last quarter of classes was lost when they left for spring break not knowing if they would ever return back to school.

Ultimately, the students didn’t return.

That’s why the Family Dollar in Seymour is holding its current drive — to remember them.

The store is selling Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups candy bars where buyers have the option to take the candy bar or give it to the store for the 2020 seniors. In the first week of selling,

Christine Stoneking, the store’s general manager, said the Family Dollar has sold 42 cases — totaling more than 1,500 Reese’s.

“It has been overwhelming how many people support this cause,” Stoneking said last Wednesday, May 13.

The last time the Family Dollar in Seymour, located on the east side of the city square, was upselling Reese’s, they were donating them to the Seymour Elementary School. Stoneking recalls asking local first-grade teacher Theresa Cummins if her class had ever got any candy, and she told Stoneking they hadn’t. Stoneking was shocked. She waited a few days for some more Reese’s to come in, then she called Cummins. She gave Cummins extra candy to give to her students, and the next day the Seymour teacher returned to the store with drawn thank-you notes.

“It was so special,” Stoneking said of the letters from the children.

Stoneking said she and her co-workers were overwhelmed by the extremely nice thank-you notes from the first-graders, which were hung on the front windows of the store for a week for all to see, and the store team decided to send a photo to Family Dollar’s corporate office.

Corporate officials then took one of the letters from a Seymour first-grade student and placed it into their monthly national newsletter.

This newsletter placed the Seymour store on the map, announcing that for their district they sell the most items for every contest.

“I could never do any of this without the support and the creativity of my amazing co-workers,” Stoneking said.

“The Seymour community is so amazing, and none of this could ever be possible without the people here believing in the contests.

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