Here are the student awards given earlier this month at the end of the 2018-19 school year at Seymour High School:

Citizenship Award — Nick Littell and Celeste Alvarado.

Spirit Award — Kyle Benson and Felicity Cantrell.

Share Table Manager Award — Olin Napier.

English II Award — Crystal Misemer.

English III Award — Garrett Little.

SHS Crest Yearbook Staffer Of The Year — Cassi Galbraith.

Excellence In English — Blaze Sprague, Hailey Felton, Morgan Isaacs, Bryent Willis.

Art Awards — Sculpture, Kelsey Turner. Art History, Samantha Kanel. Graphic Design, Blaze Sprague. Photography, Blaze Sprague. Art 2, Samantha Kanel. Highest Grade In Graphic Design, Jasmine Caswell. Highest Grade In Photography, Reghan Matlock. Highest Grade In Sculpture, Josh Swopes. Highest Grade In Art History, Abby Dinning. Highest Grade in Art 2, Semester 1, Olivia Scull. Highest Grade In Art 2, Semester 2, Ben Strong. Highest Grade In Art 2, 3D Printing, Steven Catron.

Math Awards — Trigonometry, Blaze Sprague. Highest Grade In Algebra II (Boy), Kaedon Pruiett. Highest Grade In Algebra II (Girl), Abby Dinning. Highest Grade In Geometry (Boy), Nathaniel Hosiner. Highest Grade In Geometry (Girl), Olivia Scull. Most Improved Algebra II Student, Laci Ipock. Most Improved Geometry Student, Ryan Crain.

Library Awards — Top 6-12 Readers For Class Of 2019, Heather Kingery, 3,628; Olin Napier, 357; Libby Light, 333; Shelby Findley, 326; Celeste Alvarado, 216.

Science Awards — Senior Award For Overall Science, Blaze Sprague. Undergrad Awards (Highest Grade), Biology, First Hour, Olivia Scull. Biology, Third Hour, Bailey Moffi s. Biology, Fifth Hour, Jasmine Caswell. General Science, Fourth Hour, David Adams. General Science, Seventh Hour, Hailey Felton.

Student Council Awards — President, Libby Light. Vice President, Olivia Sprague. Secretary, Olivia Scull. Treasurer, Lily Demattos. Historian, Celeste Alvarado. Representative, Angela Fisher.

Social Studies Awards — Highest Female And Male In Each Class, First Hour Government, Crystal Misemer and Kaedon Pruiett. Third Hour Government, Lily Breesawitz and Nathaniel Hosiner. Fifth Hour Psychology, Olivia Sprague and Blaze Sprague. Fifth Hour Sociology, Libby Light and Blaze Sprague. Sixth Hour Government, Olivia Scull, Abby-Anna Dinning and Joseph Weigant. Seventh Hour Civil War, Hunter Justice, Andrew Newman and Larry Benson. Seventh Hour Economics, Miranda Simpson and Olin Napier. “Shared” Social Studies, Nathan Baker.

Child Development Award — Kelsey Turner.

Nutrition and Foods Award — Olivia Littell.

Personal Finance Award — Lanie Ipock.

Child Development Award — Laci Ipock, Kelsey Turner.

Business and Marketing Awards — Seniors: Top High School Marketing Coop Student, DECA Emerging Leader Award, Hailey Penner. Business Education Award, DECA Emerging Leader Award, Brooklyn Wilkins. Business Education Award, DECA Certificate of Achievement, DECA Emerging Leader Award, Samantha Kanel. Juniors: Top Business & Marketing Student, DECA Certificate Of Achievement, FBLA National Qualifier, Levi Lansdown. Top Entrepreneurship Student, FBLA State Qualifier, Chloee Wright. Sophomores: Top Business & Marketing Student, First In District, Sixth In The State, Written Project Scored In First In The State, FBLA State Qualifi er, Laci Ipock, Crystal Misemer. Freshman: Top Business & Marketing Student, Manuel Gardea. Computer Applications Top Students, Riley Ferrier, Caleb Cook (FBLA State Qualifier), Madelyn Kyle, Olivia Littell.

Ag Awards — Missouri Agricultural Skills And Knowledge Certification For Being Proficient In Dairy Cattle, Felix Cantrell, Olin Napier. Missouri Agricultural Skills And Knowledge Certification For Being Proficient In Ag Sales, Felicity Cantrell, Kate Brennan, Caitlin Salkil. Missouri Agricultural Skills And Knowledge Certifi cation For Being Proficient In Dairy Foods, Lanie Ipock, Bryent Willis, Shelby Findley. Missouri Agricultural Skills And Knowledge Certification For Being Proficient In Floriculture, Cheyenne Pickett, Dallas Johnson.

Band Awards — Outstanding Musician, Ashley Nichols. Leadership Award, Max Franklin. The Instrumentalist Magazine Merit Award, Makayla Johnson. Outstanding Jazz Musician, Blaze Sprague. Arion Award, Destiny Hennigh. John Philip Sousa Award, Max Franklin. Dedication Award, Julyn Edward. Color Guard (Dedication), Alice Kollar, Jasmine Caswell, Kelsey Chaplin. Drumline Captain, Levi Lansdown. Assistant Drum Major, Julyn Edward. The Instrumentalist Magazine Musicianship Award, Blaze Sprague. The Aior Award was given to the following: 2016-17, Kelsey Chaplin; 2017-18, Kelsey Chaplin.

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