The Seymour FFA chapter recently held its annual banquet and the following awards were presented:

Certificates Of Appreciation — Pacer and Brenda Salkil, Chris and Karen Mason, Mandy Catron, Scott Nicholson, S&H Farm Supply, Josh Cook, Greg Cook, Beth Ann Porter, Frank Ipock, Karen Miller, Kleier Farm & Home, Randy Kauffman, Kevin Mitchell, Ashton McNish, Kara Pruett, Kelly Moore, Jennifer Warren, Travis and Heather Cook, Tracy Roderick, Cody Zimmerman, Tim Zimmerman, Jimmy Stanley, Brandon Ice, Jerry Maggard, Maddie Walden, Steve Harris, Rhonda Henderson, Steve Richards, Dusty and Sonjia Capon, Sarah Peterson, Carmen Boring, Val Aguer, Hampton Greenhouse, Rambling Rose Floral, Shelley Wingo, Denzil Young, Michael Kyle, Cathy Simpson and Gena Cooper.

Proficiency Awards — Ag Education, Bryent Willis. Ag Mechanics Repair and Maintenance Entrepreneurship, Carson Evans. Ag Mechanics Repair & Maintenance Placement, Elijah Wolfe. Ag Mechanics Design and Fabrication, Connor Wright. Ag Processing, Carter Cantrell. Ag Sales, Placement, Tanner Fannen. Ag Services, James Townlian. Beef Production Entrepreneurship, Dakota Douglas. Beef Production Placement, Dillon Hetebry. Dairy Production, Entrepreneurship, Hailey Felton. Dairy Production Placement, Matthew Helms. Diversified Livestock Entrepreneurship, Natalie Edwards. Diversified Ag Production, Entrepreneurship, Zane Hadden. Diversified Ag Production, Placement, Makenzy Spencer. Environmental Science, Wyatt Salkil. Equine Science Entrepreneurship, Scotty Williams. Equine Science Placement, Romie Caswell. Food Science, Levi Glenn. Food Services, Zander Helms. Forest Management Entrepreneurship, Felix Cantrell. Forest Management Placement, Carson Sturdefant. Goat Production, Merisa Mason. Grain Production Placemen, Joseph Watkins. Landscape Management, Caleb Cook. Outdoor Recreation Entrepreneurship, Kaydence Mitchell. Outdoor Recreation Placement, Nathan Baker. Poultry Production, Violette McClellan. Service Learning, Andrew Simpson. Small Animal Care Placement, Josh King. Specialty Animal, Promise Cantrell. Specialty Crop, Kamryn Hamlett. Swine Production, Garyth McLinn.

Star Awards — Star Greenhand, Kamryn Hamlett, Promise Cantrell. Chapter Star Farmer, Merisa Mason. Chapter Star in Placement, Carson Sturdefant. Chapter Star In Ag Business, Bryent Willis.

Outstanding Community Service — Wyatt Salkil. Outstanding SAE Of The Year is Matt Helms.

State FFA Degree Chains — Felicity Annette Cantrell, Kaytlyn A. Jones, Heather Lynn Kingery, Caitlin Salkil.

National FFA Convention Courtesy Corps — Certificates and pins, Cheyenne Newton, Felicity Cantrell, Promise Cantrell, Caleb Cook.

2019 American FFA Degree Recipients — Zane Atnip, Reid Breesawitz, Mark Lawrence.

Dekalb Award For Outstanding Senior — Felicity Cantrell.

American Family Scholarship, $500, For Most Active

Senior All Four Years — Felicity Cantrell. This is sponsored by American Family Insurance agent Michael Kyle.

Chapter Scholarship Medals — Ag I, Promise Cantrell, Kamryn Hamlett. Ag II, Caleb Cook, Canaan Park. Ag Construction, James Townlian, Dillon Hetebry. Landscaping, Justin Brown. Greenhouse, Wyatt Salkil. Co-op, Carson Sturdefant.

Chapter Leadership Medals — Top 10 members based on FFA participation points, Felicity Cantrell, Wyatt Salkil, Promise Cantrell, Merisa Mason, Felix Cantrell, MacKenzie Roderick, Bryent Willis, Andrew Simpson, Kamryn Hamlett, Joseph Watkins.

Community Service Pin For Volunteering At Least 15 Hours — Felix Cantrell, Merisa Mason, Wyatt Salkil, Felicity Cantrell, Bryent Willis, Promise Cantrell, MacKenzie Roderick, Andrew Simpson, James Townlian, Kamryn Hamlett, Joseph Watkins, Caleb Cook.

Chapter Activities Pin — Nathan Baker, Travis Baker, Natalie Barnes, Larry Benson, Kate Brennan, Justin Brown, Jack Bull, Felicity Cantrell, Felix Cantrell, Promise Cantrell, Romie Caswell, Caleb Cook, Natalie Edwards, Dakota Douglas, Carson Evans, Tanner Fannen, Hailey Felton, Levi Glenn, Zane Hadden, Kamryn Hamlett, Kaleb Harris, Matthew Helms, Scott Helms, Zander Helms, Kyran Hepko, Dillon Hetebry, Dustin Hetebry, Kaytlyn Jones, Josh King, Merisa Mason, Violette McClellan, Garyth McLinn, Kaydence Mitchell, Cheyenne Newton, Brycen Owens, Carter Owens, Canaan Park, Cheyenne Pickette, MacKenzie Roderick, Wyatt Salkil, Andrew Simpson, Makenzy Spencer, Carson Sturdefant, Jacob Swopes, Josh Swopes, James Townlian, J.J. Valbuena, Joseph Watkins, Scotty Williams, Bryent Willis, Elijah Wolfe, Connor Wright, Brandon Young.

Area Degree Recipients Presented With Their Certificate — Tanner Fannen, Levi Glenn, Matthew Helms, Kaleb Harris, Dillon Hetebry, Wyatt Salkil, Carson Sturdefant, James Townlian, Joseph Watkins, Scotty Jay Williams, Bryent Willis.

Area Awards — Fall speaking, second place, Kamryn Hamlett. Young Farmer/Young Farm Wives, second place, Wyatt Salkil.

Area Proficiency Awards — First place, Beef Production Entrepreneurship, Kaytlyn Jones, advanced to state. First place, Sheep Production, Kaytlyn Jones. Second place, Small Animal Production & Care, Bryent Willis. Second place, Dairy Placement, Matt Helms. Second place, Poultry Production, Felicity Cantrell. Second place, Equine Entrepreneurship, Kaytlyn Jones. Third place, Beef Placement, Kaytlyn Jones. Area LDES — First place, Incomplete Entrepreneurship Record Book, Promise Cantrell. Second place, Incomplete Placement Record Book, Andrew Simpson. Third place, Completed Placement Record Book, Hailey Felton. Third place, Creed Speaking, Promise Cantrell. Third place, Division 1, Kamryn Hamlett.

Leadership Development Events Chapter Pins — Fall Speaking Pins, Silver, Felix Cantrell, Kamyrn Hamlett, Wyatt Salkil. Fall Speaking, Bronze, Felicity Cantrell, Bryent Willis, Kate Brennan, MacKenzie Roderick. Creed Speaking, Silver, Promise Cantrell. Division 1, Silver, Kamryn Hamlett. Record Books, Gold, Promise Cantrell. Record Books, Bronze, Andrew Simpson, Hailey Felton.

Career Development Events — Dairy Foods CDE Medals, Wyatt Salkil, Merisa Mason, MacKenzie Roderick, Natalie Edwards. Foods Science CDE Medals, Bryent Willis, Felicity Cantrell.

The 2020 FFA Seniors Receiving Their FFA Cord — Nathan Baker, Larry Benson, Kate Brennan, Mark Buchanan, Carter Cantrell, Felicity Cantrell, Kaleb Harris, Kaytlyn Jones, Cheyenne Pickett, Carson Sturdefant, Brandon Young.

Recognition Of Felicity Cantrell As A New State Officer — She is only the second one in Seymour High School history.

Election Of New Officers — President, Joseph Watkins. Vice President, Kamryn Hamlett. Secretary, Promise Cantrell. Treasurer, Felix Cantrell. Reporter, Merisa Mason. Sentinel, Wyatt Salkil. Historian, MacKenzie Roderick, Chaplain, Andrew Simpson.

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