Recent winter weather finally has impacted the Seymour R-II School District’s calendar.

When classes were dismissed Thursday due to icy road conditions, it was the seventh day that was missed because of inclement weather in the current 2019-20 school year.

Seymour’s school calendar built in six snow days that don’t have to be made up.

The seventh means a day must be added to the end of the calendar.

That day will be Monday, May 18.

Previously, the final day of classes was set for Monday, May 15.

“The good news for students is that we’re now on a system where we make up the missed days on a 2-for-1 basis,” Superintendent Steve Richards noted. “In other words, for every two days we miss, we only have to make up one of those days.”

Classes also were dismissed last Friday, this time due to both ice and snow, but because of the 2-for-1 schedule, that day won’t have to be made up.

“We’ll continue the 2-for-1 system until we reach 10 missed days, then we’re forgiven for days that we miss after that,” Richards explained.

In a worst-case scenario, Seymour’s students final day of classes will be Thursday, May 21.

“Based on the 2-for-1 system and since we have six snow days already built in, the highest number of days we’ll add to the end of the school calendar is four,” Richards said.

“Once we get there, we’re at that 10-day threshold, where days we miss after that are forgiven by the state. Let’s just hope we don’t get to that point and that the bad weather is behind us.”

Holidays and days off on the current 2019-20 calendar remain intact, as they are protected.

“The reason districts do that is because many families make plans during those scheduled days,” Richards noted.

Protected holidays and days off for the remainder of the current school year include:

Friday, Feb. 7 — Early dismissal for teachers’ in-service training.

Monday, Feb. 17 — Presidents’ Day.

Friday, March 13 — No school for spring break.

Monday, March 23 — No school for spring break.

Friday, April 10 — No school, Good Friday holiday.

Monday, April 13 — No school, Easter weekend.

Weather in southern Webster County was abysmal at the end of last week as ice began accumulating in the Seymour area during the late afternoon of Wednesday, Jan. 22, and continued through Thursday. Snow also fell on Thursday, then heavier snow began falling early Friday morning and continued throughout the day.

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