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Suzanna Lynn, Guest Opinion

The “School Tax Levy.”

It’s on the lips of every person in Seymour.

Whether you’re buying groceries at the store, or in line to pick the kids up from school, everyone is talking about it.

However, the common thread is, “I don’t want more taxes.”

As a working mother of three, I completely understand.

Most months, we struggle, living paycheck to paycheck. And don’t even get me started on the holidays whenever there is the added pressure of extra food and gifts to consider.

This isn’t an uncommon issue with the people in southwest Missouri, especially in Seymour.

That being said, I’m here to say I am in favor of the tax levy. Will it cause me to have a little more to pay at the end of the year?

Yes, obviously. However, the benefits to my children and their education far outweighs the financial burden.

This tax levy isn’t just another bill for us to pay, it is an investment in the future of your children. Far too many are willing to complain about the school system, but they don’t want to invest (whether financially or through volunteering) in its betterment. Voting for this levy is your way of saying your child(ren)s future is important.

Additionally, with the levy in place, the school would be able to purchase the needed elementary school supplies for the students. That alone will more than pay for the increase in taxes.

Plus, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If the levy passes, they will use the money to renovate the school’s restrooms, expand and better utilize the entrance of the high school and improve their academic and job-centered services for high-school students, allowing them to be prepared for careers after graduation.

For many, this tax levy would mean saving an extra $10 to $12 or less a month to ensure I have what I need to pay property taxes (for most, the cost will be even less than that).

What does that come to?

Having to skip getting that iced caramel mocha a couple times a month? Deciding not to eat out and making a home-cooked meal instead?

Isn’t a small sacrifice more important, if it benefits your child(ren)?

The education of our children is the only way this city, state or even dare I say it, country, will become a better place. We cannot expect the future to be bright if we aren’t willing to invest in it.

So, on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019, I will be voting “YES” on the tax levy. I hope all of you reading this will truly weigh the options and come to the same conclusion.

Suzanna Smith (who writes under the pseudonym Suzanna Lynn) has lived in Webster County most of her life. Having gone to school and graduated from Fordland, she chose to settle down with her husband and raise her three children in Seymour. Over the years, she has been active in the community by volunteering with the local American Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary, the school PTO and even worked as an educational volunteer for the Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield.

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