Editor, Webster County Citizen:

I wrote to this publication after reading the July 17 issue, and I had expressed my disgust at how Dan and a local cop ridiculed a woman for her living situation, drug use and criminal history (“PhoToad”: Terracotta). In that letter, I expressed my hope that you guys would quit bullying and find more interesting things to report on. The optimistic side of me hoped (in vain) that with some reflection on your part, things would change.

I was wrong.

It has been become apparent that you all refuse to give the downtrodden any respect. The only ones in the town of Seymour that earn any respect are the ones who have a noticeable last name. I believe wholeheartedly that you all would never go so far as to disparage someone who is popular in this town the same way you do to everyone else.

Hey, Dan, I asked you how you’d feel if someone did this to you or someone you love, and I ask again: Would that not humiliate you to your core?

You even chose to feature yet ANOTHER article of ridicule over more important things, such as the man who proposed sponsoring a skateboard park as an after-school activity.

I get it, though, negativity makes more headlines, and I’m used to how small towns work: All gossip, very little regard for anything else.

Since you all show no regard for the less than fortunate people of this town, I’m done with you, and I am imploring my whole family, as well as your readers, to stop subscribing to you. I have a separate issue with how terrible Dan’s formatting is, but I have never thought that was a valid reason to stop reading. What you are doing now is a perfectly good reason to stop, and I urge others to do the same.

Secondly, while I do think that issues like this affect property values, I do not think that calling the residents pigs or anything else is productive. That is my issue; it just doesn’t belong in the paper. If they don’t respond to being ticketed, publicly shaming them isn’t going to help remedy the situation either.

Thank you for your time.

Cody Young, Seymour

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