If you’ve looked around, the city of Seymour is cleaning up its act.


Our community looks cleaner.

Because it is cleaner.

The Seymour Downtown Park never has looked better. Electric poles have been painted a beautiful black around the city square. Trees are mulched. Limbs were trimmed.

When the Seymour Apple Festival starts next week, visitors will be greeted by a picturesque business district.

The same can be said for residential Seymour.

Homeowners are cleaning up their homes. Yards are mowed.

After a devastating ice storm struck the city in January, Seymour has rebounded nicely. Steady rainfall all year certainly has helped, but our little hamlet is positioned to take back its former namesake as the “City Of Flowers.”

Not everything is thumbs up.

Actually, there are a few examples of thumbs down throughout the city when it comes to community cleanliness.

One is the former Anderson Street Apartments.

That complex qualifies as the city’s Chernobyl.

There are others similar to that structure, homes that have no chance to be rehabilitated. It’s a shame their owners couldn’t care less. It’s evident they don’t. The indifference creates literal neighborhood cancers.

Then there are those pigsty properties.

In essence, their home and yard becomes a real-life example of the old television show “Sanford & Son,” minus Redd Foxx’s jokes and comical attempt to operate a business.

One of them is profiled in this week’s newspaper.

It’s located on Court Street ... 510 Court Street, to be exact.

If you’re not familiar with the property, type the address into a mapping application on your smart phone and go take a look.

Think about if this was your neighbor.

Civilized society is one of laws. What can be seen at this property violates several municipal laws. First and foremost is collecting and hoarding debris and junk in your yard.

This isn’t the first time this particular resident has been cited for this violation.

But this particular time, it appears the violator has no intention of remedying the issue. As of last Friday, the ticket total was in the double digits. When ticketed, the violator, per Seymour police, just takes it and smiles. His only request is that the court dates for all tickets be the same.

Last time we checked, having a clean yard doesn’t cost anything but some effort and sweat.

Last time we checked, there was no cost in being a considerate neighbor.

There also isn’t a cost for following the law.

If you want to live in a home that looks like a glorified junk yard, move to rural Webster County. There are no countywide zoning laws. Live like a pig to your heart’s desire.

If you want to burn bonfires in your front yard, move to the country; city ordinances prohibit burning anything except leaves and limbs.

If you want to receive municipal tickets daily for violating local laws, then be prepared to pay the fines and remedy the situation. Doing so not only creates a community eyesore, it’s also a daily drain upon the city’s resources.

Seymour taxpayers, that’s your money.

Down the drain while the debris stays.

Think about that if you take a drive on Seymour’s west side. Think about that when you travel through town and see clusters of clean homes interrupted by one that looks like a bomb went off.

That’s your tax dollars at work.

Wasted because of apathy and laziness by some of Seymour’s finest who are wasting the time of Seymour’s actual finest.

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