State Representative Hannah Kelly

I hope your summer is off to a better start than spring. Fortunately, the cleanup efforts from the tornados and flooding are progressing in the dozens communities impacted by these events.

Special thanks to all of our emergency responders, our city and county workers, State and Federal Emergency Management, the Red Cross, our many local churches and all of our friends and neighbors who stepped up and helped out when people needed most.

If you have not already received one, you should be getting an update in your mailbox about the 2020 budget (which begins July 1, 2019) and the bills which were passed in the House and Senate this year.

I appeared that our suspicions were correct early this spring when revenues were behind schedule. The normal seasonality of slower collections leading up to tax day were lighter than usual and, at one point, we were discussing an almost $600 million dollar shortfall to potentially deal with.

Fortunately, as of May we ended up nearly 2.1 percent ahead of the amount of revenue collected over the same time period a year ago, this was largely influenced by an 18 percent increase in tax collections during the prior three months.

Higher tax collections in light of lower tax rates means our economy is growing. In order to hit the mark which we used for our budget appropriation decisions, we need to see revenue grow by a total of 1.7 percent through June 30 th in order to avoid trimming our expenditures- but it looks good so far!

An important reminder:

MODOT, in between handling the emergency road repairs from all of the storm damage, will be continuing to work on local roadways and bridges while the weather is nice. The highway 38 over Evening Shade Creek just east of Hartville will be closed for repairs which are scheduled to begin on July 19 th so be mindful of the challenges that may create for a while. If you are curious about other projects closer to you, timetables, closures, etc. I would encourage you to logon to the MODOT website or call the District office at 417-829-8031, I’m sure they would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I will be back in Jefferson City next week to help out with the Girl’s State “mock debate” during their legislative session which will be held in the Capitol. I really enjoy watching our future leaders in action.

I appreciate all of your comments and emails during this past session. These guide me in my decisions, particularly when a bill comes before a committee in a hearing or on an issue we are voting on during floor debate.

I hope to see you this summer now that I am able to spend more time in the district.

It is my honor to serve you in Jefferson City.

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