- Pay utilities with card minus fees

Seymour City Hall now is closed to the public, except the drive-thru lane.

With the closure of Seymour City Hall to the public on Monday, the city of Seymour is trying to make paying utility bills easier on its 900 customers.

Effective now are no credit-card fees for customers who call city hall and pay with a card.

Previously, the credit-card fee was 3.5 percent.

In a 4-0 vote by the Seymour Board of Aldermen last Thursday, that fee has been waived indefinitely.

“It will help make calling city hall and paying with a card much easier for our customers,” City Administrator Hillary Gintz said. “Without the credit-card fee, we think a lot more people will call in and make their payment.”

To make a utility payment with a credit card, Seymour City Hall can be reached at 417-935-4401.

Gintz noted that the fee waiver doesn’t include online payments.

“That (credit-card fee) is charged by our vendor for that service, so we can’t waive that,” she said.

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