Five streets in the city of Seymour will receive a new layer of asphalt this fall, per a bid approved last Thursday evening by the Seymour Board of Aldermen.

The Leo Journagan Construction Company of Springfield was awarded the paving bid in a 4-0 vote.

Journagan’s bid was between $65.58 and $67.28 per ton, while a bid from APAC-Central of Springfield was between $69.25 and $77.75 per ton.

The five streets to receive a new layer of asphalt include C Street, Hodge Street, Lorraine Street, West Puryear Avenue and West Clinton Avenue (Business 60).

The city budgeted $100,000 for street paving in its budget for the current 2019-20 fiscal year, which began July 1.

  • C Street will be paved from East Summit Avenue to Prewitt Street at a cost of $19,107.52.
  • Hodge Street will be paved in its entirely for $10,299.
  • The same is true of Lorraine Street, which has the same price tag.
  • West Puryear Avenue will be paved from Davis Street to Division Street. The cost is $17,156.40.

Total for the four aforementioned streets is just under $57,000.

  • That leaves about $43,000 to be spent on West Clinton Avenue.

To pave the entire stretch of West Clinton from McDonald’s at the west end to the four-way stop on Main Street, the project’s total cost is $90,303.66.

City aldermen unanimously decided to begin paving on West Clinton Avenue at the McDonald’s, then continue east until the remaining $43,000 that was budgeted is spent.

“We’ll be able to pave about half of that stretch, just a little short of that,” North Ward Alderman Jim Ashley said.

“If we get near the end of our (fiscal) year and we’ve got a  little money left in the budget, then maybe we can consider doing a little more of that project.”

All three aldermen agreed with Ashley’s statement.

Street Supervisor John Griechen will schedule the paving project with Journagan, City Administrator Hillary Gintz said, noting that Griechen solicited the asphalt bids.

“John did a good job for us acquiring the bids,” she added.

Also included in the bid was “header milling” on the five streets to be paved. Milling assures the new pavement won’t elevate the streets.

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