Almost daily, there are “Amber Alert” calls in Missouri to save children in danger.

Last Friday night, an Amber Alert case was solved in Seymour.

That evening, a call went out statewide, reporting that a 3-year-old child had been kidnapped and was traveling in a silver car with Mississippi license plates.

“A call came into county dispatch, which said that there was a motorist (on U.S. 60) in southern Webster County who saw a car that matched the Amber Alert description,” said Sgt. Chase Davis of the Seymour Police Department.

When the call came, Davis, Cpl. Alan Goff and Patrolman Skylar McIntosh of the local force were at the department’s headquarters on the southwest corner of the city square, as well as Cpl. Gabe Stroud of the Webster County Sheriff’s Department.

Responding to the Amber Alert call were all four officers in three patrol vehicles.

Soon after responding, a Seymour Chevrolet Tahoe with Goff and McIntosh got behind a car that matched the emergency description.

“The only discrepancy was that this car had Tennessee license plates instead of Mississippi plates,” Davis explained. “However, they decided to stop the car. Other evidence with the car’s description matched.”

It was a good hunch.

“Turns out, it was the right car,” Davis said.

Inside were two women and the missing child.

“The mother had kidnapped the 3-year-old child at gunpoint in Springfield,” he said.

The women were arrested, while the child was taken by local officers.

Stroud took the two women into custody and turned them over to an officer from the Springfield Police Department in Rogersville.

Davis and McIntosh took the little boy to the local headquarters, where he was later recovered by an officer from the Springfield Police Department.

Goff stayed with the car the two women used to kidnap the child until it was towed by a wrecker from Yates Boys Towing of Seymour.

“You often hear about Amber Alert calls, but this is one where we had our guys save the child,” Davis concluded. “I’m really proud that we were part of this."

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