- 'PhoToad'

Well, you sure know it’s news when the television crews from KY-3 in Springfield come to town.

I guess that was the case last week as reporters from the station stopped by and broadcast a vague story without any local interviews. Wonder why no one talked to them?

Maybe because the interviewees don’t like what is left on the editing floor.

Anyway, here is the story as I know it.

A Seymour resident smelled gas in their home. City crews took a look, as did a local plumber.

The city called the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR), who began searching for the source. It was found via a leak traced to a local gas station, as the gasoline found its way into the city’s sewer lines.

At the present time, the situation is being remedied. The process may take a few weeks, but the DNR, I’m told, has everything under control.

Perhaps KY-3 now will employ me as its scoop reporter.

I’ve been told that when I put on a tie, I resemble a greener Ron Hearst.

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