The city of Seymour now has the ability to e-mail customers their utility bill each month.

Above that, those customers now can choose how they want their monthly bill for electric, sewer and water — by mail or via e-mail.

Another added bonus is the ability for city utility customers to pay their bill online.

“This is something we’ve looked at doing for quite a while, and the service now is here,” City Administrator Hillary Gintz said. “More and more people both receive and pay their bills online. We felt this was a service that would benefit many of our utility customers.”

City Clerk Leslie Houk was the city’s liaison for implementing the new “eBill” service.

Houk said advantages for utility customers with the new eBill option include:

• The opportunity to go paperless.

• A convenient way to receive and save your bills.

• Receive your bill sooner.

• Eliminates the bill getting lost or damaged in the mail.

• Offers more privacy than receiving postcard bills in the mail.

• Saves the city money by reducing postage, material and equipment costs.

• Reduces the time it takes city staff to process billing, which gives them more time to serve residents of the city in other ways.

How do customers sign up for eBills?

Houk said the process is quick and easy.

Customers need to contact Seymour City Hall in person or by e-mail at They can sign up for eBills and/or automatic payments by completing a short form and returning it to city hall in person, by fax at 417-935-2600 or via e-mail.

For more information on eBills and/or automatic payments, call the city at 417-935-4401.

“Customers who want automatic payments, we bank draft on the 20th of each month,” Houk said.

“We’re now ready for sign ups, so anyone who is interested needs to get in touch with us. Give us a call, send an e-mail or stop by city hall.”

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