Capitol Report November 8, 2018

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Posted: Friday, November 9, 2018 9:24 am

Paying Tribute to Our Heroes

As we celebrate Veterans Day this year, I hope you and your family will take time to talk about the significant contributions our veterans have made, and continue to make. We must take time to appreciate the willingness of our veterans to leave behind the comforts of home to fight on foreign soil and to put their lives in harm’s way in order to defend our way of life. Whether they served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam or even more recently, they deserve our respect, our gratitude, and our commitment to preserving the memory of their deeds.

As citizens who enjoy the freedoms our heroes have defended, we owe it to them to extend our thanks and gratitude at every opportunity. We also owe it to our current generation of veterans to recognize not only the contributions they made during their service, but also the ones they will continue to make as citizens. Our latest generation of veterans has returned home to further their education, continue their legacy of service, and take up the mantle of leadership within their communities. It’s important to acknowledge that these men and women who have fought so bravely to protect our nation from forces outside our borders are now working diligently to strengthen our country from within. We are blessed to have these true heroes who have done, and continue to do, so much for our great nation.

On this Veterans Day, I ask you to keep these amazing men and women in your hearts and prayers, and also to give thanks to all of the brave Americans who have served in defense of our nation throughout its history. We would not be the greatest nation on this planet today without their service and sacrifices, and our future would not be nearly as bright without the leadership they will continue to provide in the years to come.

Midterm Elections

Tuesday’s midterm election saw approximately 58 percent of Missouri’s registered voters participate by casting a ballot. The figure is the highest the state has seen for a midterm since 1994 when 59 percent of voters participated in the process.

House Republicans Caucus selects Leadership

The day after the election Republican lawmakers traveled to the State Capitol to elect their leadership team for the 100th General Assembly that begins in January. The 116 members of the House Republican Caucus voted on a number of positions that will help set the legislative agenda and lead the House during the 2019 legislative session.

Upon conclusion, members decided on the following leadership team:

Speaker of the House: Rep. Elijah Haahr

Speaker Pro Tem: Rep. John Wiemann

Majority Floor Leader: Rep. Rob Vescovo Assistant Majority Floor Leader: Rep. J Eggleston Majority Whip: Rep. Steve Lynch

Majority Caucus Chair: Rep. Sonya Anderson Majority Caucus Secretary: Rep. Chris Dinkins Policy Development Chair: Rep. Jeff Messenger

I am humbled to return to the General Assembly as your State Representative. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as the voice of the citizens of Wright and Webster counties in Jefferson City.

I appreciate your trust and confidence and it is truly an honor to serve you.

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