- Herion paid $50K

One lawsuit down.

One to go.

That’s the verdict after the Seymour R-II School District last Thursday night approved and signed a settlement agreement and release with Seymour High School teacher Linda Herion that ended a federal lawsuit fi led on May 1, 2019.

In her suit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri, titled Herion v. Seymour R-II School District, Herion was represented by attorney Jay Kirksey of the Kirksey Law Firm of Bolivar, where her initial demand was for $1 million.

She received 1/20th of that amount in Thursday’s final settlement.

Of the $50,000 that Herion received, per the settlement agreement, her $28,414.38 check was “for physical injury/illness,” while $21,585.62 was paid to the Kirksey Law Firm. The entire amount was paid by the local school district’s insurer, the Missouri United School Insurance Council (M.U.S.I.C.).

Seymour R-II was represented in the litigation by attorney Grant Wiens of M.U.S.I.C.

Per the settlement, a letter in the district’s file that notes a “Notice of Deficiency” issued to Herion during the 2017-18 school year “is no longer in effect,” and that Herion “filed the litigation related in part to the Notice of Deficiency.”

When the lawsuit was fi led last year, Herion cited alleged actions taken by Brian Wilbanks, the former high-school principal, as well as the aforementioned letter in her complaint.

Will Herion remain to the school as a teacher?

“Yes,” Superintendent Steve Richards said.

“There was not a separation agreement in this settlement.”

Herion is a family and consumer-science teacher at Seymour High School, where she first worked for 12 years from August 1990 until May 2002, then returned in August 2012 and has spent the past eight school years for a total of 20 years of service.

She also is a former member of the Seymour R-II Board of Education, a position she resigned when she returned to the district as a teacher in 2012.

This school year, she earned $46,877, as well as $1,425 in extra-duty pay for being the high school’s FACS, FTA and senior-class sponsor.

Her husband, David, is a former member of Seymour’s school board and served as the board’s president. He is on the ballot this June 2 as one of five candidates for a trio of three-year seats on the school board, where he is joined by Debbie Baker, Bob Crump, Brad Leonard and Kim Wilkins.

Baker, Crump and Wilkins are the incumbents.

Pending litigation for the district now has been narrowed to a similar federal lawsuit filed by former Seymour High School English teacher Cathy Rahder, who also is represented by Kirksey. Her lawsuit also asks for $1 million.

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