File this story in your “Only In Seymour” cabinet.

In an odd series of events Sunday morning, the 37-yea-old Seymour man who was beaten by four men with baseball bats inside his tent inside a garage on Davis Street was arrested on three felony warrants.

For his actions Sunday, additional charges are pending.

And before he was arrested by Cpl. Steven Pogue of the Seymour Police Department, the man had to be stopped by  Pogue’s Taser.

“He just wouldn’t stop ... wouldn’t just let me take him into custody without a fi ght,” Pogue said of Jeff Parsons, who currently sits in the Webster County Jail in Marshfeld without bond.

Per Pogue’s report, Parsons felt the Seymour officer was at a disadvantage when trying to arrest him.

“I took on four guys with bats, so I sure can knock you on your ass,” Parsons said just seconds before Pogue deployed  his Taser. Once stunned by the electrical shock, Parsons was handcuffed and taken into custody.

The ordeal began at 9:20 a.m. Sunday as Pogue was on patrol.

While he was making his rounds on the west side of the city, he drove by a trailer at 502 Rhodes Street and saw Parsons’ truck.

“I knew (Parsons) had warrants,” Pogue said. A call to the county’s dispatch confirmed his hunch.

Pogue then drove down Peightel Street and saw Parsons peeking behind a garage.

“Jeff began to move, so I yelled at him to stop, and Jeff yelled back at me that he wasn’t going back to jail,” Pogue explained. “At this point, he’s in a neighbor’s yard.”

The pursuit then began.

That’s when Parsons jumped a fence and kept going.

“He kept yelling back at me that he wasn’t going back to jail,” Pogue said.

By the time the foot chase reached McMahan Street, Parsons was tired and began walking. Pogue then caught him.

But Parsons refused to go to the ground, despite two warnings.

Finally, Pogue got Parsons to the ground and radioed the Webster County Sheriff’s Department for assistance.

“(Parsons) begged for me to let him go,” Pogue said. “He told me to let him loose and tell authorities that he just got away. When I told him I wasn’t going to do that, then (Parsons) got upset and told me that he was going to hurt me if I didn’t let him go.”

While Pogue was calling for another officer, Parsons broke loose, running into the city’s West Park.

Ultimately, the short chase reached the yard of a home on Thoroughfare Street when Pogue caught Parsons a second time.

Parsons kept fighting, reminding Pogue how he had fought off the baseball-bat attackers, then bolted in yet another escape attempt. That’s when Pogue hit him with his Taser.

“After that, I was able to get (Parsons) in cuffs and load him into the police cruiser,” Pogue said.

Pogue arrested Parsons on three felony, no-bond warrants for assault, domestic assault and first-degree burglary.

Parsons also was on parole and probation.

He was taken by Pogue to the county jail.

In Seymour, Parsons will face felony counts for resisting arrest and fleeing.

“Over the last month, we’ve had call after call on Jeff Parsons,” Pogue concluded. “It’s been a non-stop ordeal for us almost every day, just simply dealing with calls that seem to involve him in some way or another.

“Hopefully, he’ll be out of town for awhile after this.”

About a month ago, Parsons was taken to a Springfield hospital with serious injuries after he was attacked in a garage on Davis Street, where he lived inside in a tent.

Four men allegedly attacked Parsons, using baseball bats.

This attack came after Parsons allegedly had fended off a different attacker earlier that day who came at him with a chainsaw, but Parsons escaped that attack and told officers that he had whacked his chainsaw attacker with at baseball bat, which ultimately led that man to seek medical attention at the same Springfield hospital.

“This is the type of nonsense we’re trying to eliminate in Seymour,” Pogue said.

“Arresting Jeff Parsons should help in that regard. Now that he’s in the county jail, he’ll be up there with at least three of people who were a part of the baseball-bat nonsense on Davis Street.”

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