A Seymour man is doing his best to help the environment.

In doing so, he’s also eliminating eyesores in southern Webster County.

Clifford Keeling has spent this spring picking up, then cutting up, used tires.

“It’s nonsense for people to just throw them on the highway,” Keeling said. “All that does is make a mess.”

The same can be said for used tires that end up in the yards of local homes.

“It just creates a snake habitat,” Keeling said.

To that end, he’s offering his services for those with used tires they need to remove.

Keeling will pick them up for a small fee.

The fee is $2 a tire.

“You’ll pay $3 at the tire shops to dispose of them,” he explained.

Once Keeling gets the tires, he cuts them up.

For those who want to recycle tires themselves, Keeling has many tips. For example, the tires can be cut and made into excellent flower boxes.

Anyone with tires that need to be picked up — or anyone who wants recycling tips for tires — call call Keeling on his mobile phone at 417-300-1344.

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