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It’s time to sign up for summer school.

For many students, summer school is something they dread and seldom look at as a positive thing.

In reality, it’s a great chance to keep your mind fresh and allow for you to set back up your school year sleeping schedule that students can’t ever get back into. Studies have shown that students who attend summer school are less likely to forget what they learned through the year, as it will be reinforced through the summer.

“This year, summer school is looking very different, but we are trying to make it as exciting as possible,” Seymour Elementary School Principal Leslie Penner-Davis said.

At Seymour’s elementary, things are changing a lot for this year’s incoming summer classes.

“It offers a great chance to get out of the house, be with their classmate friends and get back into the school year’s schedule so it doesn’t slip away through the summertime,” Penner-Davis explained.

The Seymour Elementary School is taking all precautions necessary during this pandemic.

There will be a limit of 10 students per teacher.

Instead of switching classes through the day, students will stay together through the whole session.

Penner-Davis is optimistic this approach is best for all students and the community.

Each day, she said students will arrive at school and eat breakfast in the classroom with their classmates and go to the lunchroom for lunch to pick up their lunch, where they will have the choice to bring lunch back to the classroom or enjoy it outside.

Most students find the fun in summer field trips.

“We are planning many virtual field trips, fun activities and big projects, which will help to keep the students as involved as possible,” Penner-Davis said.

These projects will take place of the traveling field trips.

As for the Seymour YMCA’s swimming-pool usage, she said she isn’t quite sure on whether or not the elementary students will us it this summer.

“If the YMCA pool is used, we will be sure to only have 10 students in there at a time ... no more than that,” Penner-Davis said.

For Seymour Middle School students, Principal Brian Bell hopes to keep students engaged.

“We are offering four classes for students to take through the summer,” he said.

The four classes include:

• Physical Education (P.E.) — Learning about a healthy lifestyle and playing sports.

• Art — Creating original projects and works of art.

• Cooking — Learning how to prepare tasty and interesting foods.

• Computers — Learning computer applications and doing digital projects.

These four classes allow for a great array of offerings for middle-schoolers to take. The middle school will run similar to the elementary will smaller classes and students spread out.

Students will be given a free breakfast and lunch each day to enjoy in their classes or outside.

“We are planning a couple of trips for our students that help to spread them out while still allowing them to have fun,” Bell noted. “We just don’t know exactly where we will go yet.”

For Seymour High School students, there will be a variety of classes from credit-recovery to college classes, which they will be able to take during summer school.

“It is a great time to get ahead, and it can only help you by going to summer school,” Seymour High School Principal Jason Duey said.

More information about high-school classes is available at www.seymourschool.net.

Summer school begins next Monday and will conclude on June 23.

The school day will start at 8 a.m. each day and go until 2:30 p.m.

Summer school is free for all students, meaning they will

get a free breakfast and lunch each day. However, bus routes will not be operated during the summer; students must get themselves to and from school each day.

To sign up for summer school, go to www.seymourschool.net and click the summer school form. You can also call the school to get a paper form or call 417-935-2287 and set your child up over the phone with the school office.

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