- ‘PhoToad'

It’s not officially winter yet, but Mother Nature sure showed her fangs in southern Webster County to open the week as a quarter-inch sheet of ice greeted local folks early Monday morning.

Classes were dismissed in Fordland and Seymour.

To be safe, the Webster County Commission sent its workers home early Monday afternoon.

Even the drive-thru lanes at The Seymour Bank closed at 4 p.m. to keep employees safe.

I’m told that City Administrator Hillary Gintz wanted to send her workers home at 3 p.m. so they could get home safely on icy roads, but one of the four alderpersons objected.

Heaven forbid they be sent home early ... so much can be done when it’s abysmal outdoors.

Staying later sure did accomplish a lot.

For one, your tax dollars were spent on payroll when they could’ve been saved — because no employee should get to go home early, regardless of the weather.

Imagine if our schools followed the same reasoning as one elected official.

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