Terracotta’s back.

Not in a good way.

Or a legal way.

Terracotta Warren, arrested by the Seymour Police Department

on multiple occasions over the past two years for a variety

of offenses, was arrested late last Saturday afternoon for

apparently trying to climb the city of Seymour’s 1926 water

tower on West Washington Street.

“Initially, our offi cer was concerned that Terracotta might

be suicidal,” explained Sgt. Chase Davis, the local department’s

detective. “But Terracotta was quick to tell him that

she wasn’t trying to hurt herself.

“She just wanted to see the view from up there.”

Around 4:10 p.m. last Saturday, Sgt. Alan Goff said a man

came into the police station on the southwest corner of the

Seymour square and said a woman was climbing the city’s

old water tower.

erracotta Warren approximately 10 feet up the northwest

pillar of the water tower,” Goff wrote in his report.

“Warren came down from the tower. I then ordered her

out of the chain-link and barbed-wire fenced-in area around

the water tower. Warren then proceeded to the southwest corner

of the fence and began crawling under it.”

She didn’t stop there.

“Warren then began grabbing bags that were inside the

fence and started to reach into the bags,” Goff continued.

“At this time, Warren was halfway out of the restricted area,

and I gave (her) multiple commands to stop reaching into her

bags and to come out from under the fence. She disregarded

multiple orders.”

Per Goff, Warren continued to ignore his commands, so

he “took hold of Warren’s left wrist and pulled her out from

under the fence and away from the bag.”

She then was placed in handcuffs.

Goff contacted City Supervisor Mitchell Plummer, who

inspected the scene and said Warren didn’t do any damage

to the almost 100-year-old tower.

“Due to the water tower being fenced in by an approximate

7-foot-fall, chain-link fence with three rows of barbed

wire around it and a locked gate, I placed Warren under arrest

for fi rst-degree trespassing,” Goff said.

She was then taken to the Webster County Jail in Marshfi

eld, where Warren was booked and released.

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