Most people shop for food at Seymour Discount Grocery.

It appears Logan Ronald Page Hinshaw prefers to pepper spray shoppers with bear spray at the local store.

The 25-year-old Hinshaw, a Mansfield resident, last week was charged with second-degree assault after pepper spraying a Seymour man at the aforementioned grocery store located on Highway C last Monday, Aug. 12.

At 2:25 p.m. that afternoon, Patrolman Steven Pogue of the Seymour Police Department said Deputy Gabe Stroud of the Webster County Sheriff’s Department was flagged down at the intersection of Clinton Avenue and Commercial Street in Seymour by a Seymour man who reported the pepper-spraying incident.

“I arrived on scene, and (the Seymour man) informed me he was driving down Highway C when a white Ford car pulled out in front of him,” Pogue said in his report. “(The man) said he had to lock up the brakes, and the driver of the car was flipping him off.”

That’s when things intensified.

When the Seymour man pulled in to the Seymour Discount Grocery parking lot to check for damage to his vehicle, Hinshaw’s white car pulled next to him and pepper sprayed him out the window of the car and into his truck.

“(The Seymour man) had two boys, ages 15 and 17, inside the truck with him,” Pogue’s report said. “(The man) was in pain from the pepper spray hitting him in the eyes.”

Pogue and Stroud soon found the alleged suspect at The Tire Bros business, located just east of the grocery store.

Hinshaw, who per the victim of the pepper-spraying incident blew a tire on his car as he “did a donut” as he left the store’s parking lot, admitted to the officers that he possessed pepper spray, which was found in his pocket.

Stroud then found a large bottle of bear mace in the back seat of Hinshaw’s car.

Pogue placed Hinshaw under arrest.

Hinshaw was taken to the Webster County Jail in Marshfield, where he was booked for second-degree assault.

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