- ‘West Side Story?'

This garage near the junction of Davis and Rhodes streets was where last week's assault occurred.

In a bizarre series of events early last week that included a chainsaw, several baseball bats, a metal pipe and an alleged fight over a girl, a Seymour man was taken to a Springfield hospital with severe injuries after being beaten in a garage on Davis Street by several men using baseball bats.

With the two scenes for criminal activity occurring on the city’s west edge on Davis and Rhodes streets, Seymour’s version of the “West Side Story” is even more violent than the 1960s movie of the same name featuring the fictional “Jets” and “Sharks.”

The aforementioned crimes began around 5:30 p.m. last Tuesday, Jan. 28.

“I don’t really know where to start with this crazy story,” explained Sgt. Chase Davis, detective for the Seymour Police Department. “When the details are told, it’s really hard to believe that what occurred is true ... because none of this ever should’ve happened.”

Davis said trouble began as the sun was setting on Jan. 28 with a disturbance on Rhodes Street.

“A local man in his 40s was going down the street in his truck and comes upon another local man who was walking,” he explained. “For whatever reason, the guy in the truck has a problem with the pedestrian, so he hops out of his truck and grabs his chainsaw.”

He said the man in the truck “was going to start the chainsaw because he’s got some sort of beef” with the pedestrian.

“So, the guy with the chainsaw, the guy in the truck, then attacks the man who’s walking down the street, a 32-year-old man,” Davis said. “But the guy who’s walking doesn’t just let the chainsaw-wielding guy go without a fight.

“The guy who is walking defends himself with a baseball bat. From what I’ve learned through interviews, the chainsaw guy is injured in some way.”

But police aren’t called.

“We’ve got people here who have previous issues with law enforcement,” Davis said.

The 40-year-old man in the truck leaves the scene.

So does the 32-year-old man who was walking, who then returns to his home on Davis Street.

Fast forward 30 minutes later, and the guy with the chainsaw is seeking revenge.

“Sometime just past 6 p.m., the chainsaw guy sends out four of his buddies to a garage on Davis Street,” Davis said.

Why a garage?

“Because the garage on Davis Street, located next to a home, was where the pedestrian from the Rhodes Street incident was living,” Davis explained. “He’s living inside a tent inside the garage.

“Again, from what I’ve learned from our investigation, one of the four guys in this new group has issues with the guy living in the tent over a girl. Keep in mind that the guy with the chainsaw, who sent these four out after the tent guy, didn’t come along. In essence, this was his hit team.”

The “hit team” did damage.

Davis said at least two of the four men who broke into the garage on Davis Street, if not all four of them, proceeded to beat the 32-year-old man with baseball bats while he was inside his tent.

“He’s probably gets killed if he didn’t defend himself,” Davis said of the attack victim. “He finally defended himself with a metal pipe and hits at least one of the attackers.”

The attackers fled the scene when they learned a neighbor was calling police.

Davis said the attack victim was in bad shape.

“He immediately was transported to a hospital in Springfield by ambulance,” he noted. “He was taken there with severe injuries.”

The man remained in the hospital as of Friday afternoon.

Ironically, one of the four attackers also sought treatment at a Springfield hospitals.

“Yeah, that crew also heads to the hospital after they flee the scene,” Davis said. “But they don’t report to police the real situation.”

Two days later, last Thursday, Davis and Patrolman Ray Rodriguez of the Seymour Police Department began their investigation, searching for two suspects in the assault.

One of the two suspects was an adult female who wasn’t involved in the assault.

“She was a passenger in the car,” Davis said.

The other, a male from Seymour, was arrested.

Also found was the car used to drive to the crime scene on Davis Street, a white Chevrolet.

“We collected blood and clothing from the car that has been submitted to the state crime lab,” Davis said.

Patrolman Skylar McIntosh also recovered the baseball bats used in the attack, which were left at the scene when the four men fled.

“The Webster County Sheriff’s Department found a third suspect and arrested him,” Davis said Friday. “We know the identities of the other two male suspects. We’ll have both of them arrested soon.”

He added that law enforcement has enough evidence and information to file charges on all four men.

“This should happen soon,” Davis said. “There really isn’t any question of who did what in this crazy case.”

However, Davis said that the crimes shouldn’t have ever occurred because the people involved all should currently be in jail or prison.

“Let me give you a biography of the people involved,” he explained. “One has been out of prison for a month. Another one is one parole, another is on probation. The girl in the car also is on probation. The girl who the guys allegedly are fighting over is on probation, and the victim who lived on

Davis Street is on parole.

“Only one of the seven people involved in one way or another in all of this isn’t on parole or probation.”

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